My Man is Cupid Episode 3 Preview: When, Where and How to Watch!

My Man is Cupid Episode 3 Preview: The new rom-com My Man is Cupid (내 남자는 큐피드) has finally come out this December 2023 with a stunning cast and a great plot. The series is directed by Nam Tae-jin, who is known for his hit dramas such as Jinx, Beautiful Gong Shim, overs of the Red Sky, Joseon Exorcist, etc, and he has worked along with scriptwriter Heo Seung-hee (renowned for One More Happy Ending) for this series. The main cast includes Jang Dang-yoon, Nana and Park Ki-woong.

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My Man is Cupid Episode 3 Preview

My Man is Cupid Plot

Cheon Sang-hyuk, a charming fairy renowned for his ability to enchant women, endured a tragic event 500 years ago when his wings were scorched. In a quest for wing restoration, he underwent 27 transformative experiences. However, his 28th attempt becomes entangled with the life of Oh Baek-ryun.

Baek-ryun, a striking woman working as a veterinarian in an animal clinic, grapples with a peculiar curse. Men smitten by her charm inevitably face near-death experiences, leading them to abruptly end their relationships. Despite her undeniable allure, Baek Ryun refrains from pursuing romantic entanglements, hoping to cross paths with a man destined to be her true love.

My Man is Cupid Cast

Directed by Nam Tae-jin, the series stars Jang Dong-yoon as Cheon Sang-hyuk, Nana as Baek-ryun, Park Ki-woong as Seo Jae-hee, Moon Ye-jin as Yoon Si-ah, Kwon Ah-reum as So Hee, Kim Do-ah as Jeong Ah, Han So-hyun as Mi Ja, and other actors such as Shin Yun-je, Kim Dae-kook, Gong Do-eun, Joo In-young, etc.

My Man is Cupid Episode List

The rom-com fantasy drama series is expected to have 16 episodes in total.

Where to My Man is Cupid

The series will stream on Amazon Prime Video, every Friday and Saturday.

My Man is Cupid Episode 3 Preview Still 2
A still from the series “My Man is Cupid”

My Man is Cupid Episode 3 Indian Release Date and Time

The South Korean TV series episodes will air from December 1, 2023, to November 14, 2023, each with a runtime of 70 minutes. Episode 2 of the series will air on December 8 on Amazon Prime Video at 8:30 pm.

My Man is Cupid Episode 3 Prediction

In the third episode, the neighbourhood will start panicking due to the new missing case and the continuous death of the witness. Jae-hee will rush to find the identity of the third witness and he will find it is Baek-ryun. Meanwhile, Baek-ryun will be under threat since the killer knows her. Her relationship with Sang-hyuk will also start blossoming. She will eventually fall for him first but he will be reluctant as he’s not over Jeong-ah and the curse he’s enduring. He also won’t be aware of his connection with Baek-ryun in his past life.

He will solely focus on finding her a match and figuring out why she doesn’t have a red thread of fate attached to her. Meanwhile, he will also involve in the missing girl case as he will figure out the killer’s connection with Jeong-ah’s death as well as his pursuit of Baek-ryun. Jae-hee will also fall in love with Baek-ryun and try to protect her from the killer.

My Man is Cupid Episode 2 Recap

The episode unfolds with news channels reporting the disappearance of Eun-seo, the nurse Baek-ryun befriended the previous night. Detective Seo Jae-hee takes charge of the case, discovering Eun-seo’s affair and finding footage of Sang-hyuk with his cupid gun. The police are unaware of Baek-ryun’s identity but know she was last seen with Eun-seo.

At the Cupid exhibition, Sang-hyuk prevents Baek-ryun from smelling him, sparking a realization of her growing feelings. As Baek-ryun tends to an emergency at her clinic, Sang-hyuk follows her, revealing her clinic’s proximity to Poppy’s, where Dong-chil is often treated. Despite not knowing each other’s backgrounds, Baek-ryun reflects happily on Sang-hyuk and his mysterious allure.

Sang-hyuk wonders about Baek-ryun’s lack of a red thread, dreaming of her calling him “Mr. Superman.” The next morning, Dong-chil reverts to human form but soon returns to his dog form. Hence to heal him from his heartbreak, Sang-hyuk takes him to Baek-ryun’s pet clinic. Detective Jae-hee, investigating Eun-seo’s murder, encounters Baek-ryun at the clinic and immediately falls for her.

As the detectives close in on the killer, Jae-hee adopts Alexandra, the deceased superior couple’s pet. He also is seen flirting with Baek-ryun during the process of adopting the dog. Sang-hyuk, witnessing this, confronts Baek-ryun, expressing jealousy. Meanwhile, the killer sets the mountainside restaurant ablaze, and kills the old man, leading to the deaths of witnesses. Jae-hee rushes to the scene and discovers the owner’s demise. Jae-hee realises that the killer is now moving to kill the third witness who they’re unsure of (Baek-ryun).

Sang-hyuk waits for Baek-ryun outside her clinic, and as she leaves for home, the killer targets her. Sang-hyuk intervenes, saving Baek-ryun and revealing a remarkable twist—Sang-hyuk is the first man in her life not to get hurt when he’s near her. The episode closes with the killer running away, and the main leads intensely staring at each other.

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