‘My Sweet Mobster’ Episode 9: Uhm Tae Goo Witnesses Kwon Yul’s Confession to Han Sun Hwa

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Seo Ji Hwan (Uhm Tae Goo) realizes his feelings for Go Eun Ha (Han Sun Hwa, but an unexpected development unfolds when he sees Jang Hyun Woo’s (Kwon Yul) confession to Eun Ha in “My Sweet Mobster” episode 9.

‘My Sweet Mobster’ Episode 9: Go Eun Ha & Seo Ji Hwan’s Misunderstandings Grow

Jang Hyun Woo revealed that he was not the person that Go Eun Ha was looking for. Following Seo Ji Hwan’s words that someone might feel uncomfortable mentioning the past, she decided not to look for Hyun Woo anymore.

My Sweet Mobster
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When she returned home, Eun Ha shocked the Thirsty Deer family that she’ll leave the house soon to start a new beginning.

Knowing that there’s something off between Ji Hwan and Eun Ha, the gang arranges a blind date for Eun Ha, but their plan goes down the drain and only ends up in misunderstandings between the two who bickered when they got home.

Even though his relationship with Eun Ha became cold and distant, he continued caring for her and looked for a house for her. Unaware of this, when Eun Ha, who was looking for a house on her own, got into a fight with some delinquent students and fell into a crisis.

Ji Hwan panicked and looked for her, only to find out that Jang Hyun Woo had already arrived to save and pick her up.

Seo Ji Hwan Can’t Express Himself to Go Eun Ha

Meanwhile, the night before she left home, Eun Ha met Ji Hwan to confirm his sincerity. Even though she honestly expressed her feelings that she enjoyed the time she spent in the house and with him, Ji Hwan could not say anything.

My Sweet Mobster
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The day Eun Ha was to leave, Seo Ji Hwan fell into deep thought, reminiscing about the memories with her. Finally realizing his feelings for Eun Ha and unable to suppress his feelings that were gradually growing, Ji Hwan decided to catch Eun Ha and began running toward her.

However, Go Eun Ha has already heard Jang Hyun Woo’s confession. She learned that he has feelings for her. Seo Ji Hwan, who witnessed this with his own eyes, froze on the spot and felt bitter.

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Although he finally gathered his courage, it was already too late, so it is questionable whether Seo Ji Hwan would bury his feelings or not.

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