My Sweet Mobster Kdrama Release Date, Characters Poster, Trailer and More Revealed

In the world of K-content, My Sweet Mobster (놀아주는 여자) is an eagerly anticipated new K-drama set to release next week. Based on the webtoon A Woman Who Plays by Park Soo-jung, the series has generated significant excitement since its announcement. Fans are looking forward to the sweet romance and abundant comedy promised in the series.

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Korean romantic comedies have always been a favourite among fans, who idolize the romance and dream of its potential to be real. With their heartwarming storylines and charming characters, these dramas have a special place in the hearts of viewers worldwide. The upcoming drama is expected to be a delightful addition to this beloved genre, capturing the magic and whimsy that fans adore.

My Sweet Mobster Kdrama Release Date, Characters Poster, Trailer and More Revealed

My Sweet Mobster Kdrama Episode 1 Preview

My Sweet Mobster Plot

The narrative revolves around Seo Ji-hwan at the centre, a man burdened by his tumultuous past as a gangster. Determined to break free from the shackles of his former life, Ji-hwan embarks on a journey across Korea, fueled by a fervent desire for redemption and a longing for new beginnings. With unwavering resolve, he sets out to dismantle criminal organizations and extend a lifeline to ex-convicts seeking a fresh start.

In the midst of his transformative journey, Ji-hwan serendipitously reconnects with Go Eun-ha, a figure from his childhood who has since blossomed into a beloved creator of children’s content. As ‘mini sister’ to her adoring young audience, Eun-ha’s videos radiate warmth and positivity, drawing inspiration from the fond memories she shares with Ji-hwan, her childhood companion and protector.

My Sweet Mobster Kdrama Release Date, Characters Poster, Trailer and More RevealedMy Sweet Mobster Kdrama Release Date, Characters Poster, Trailer and More Revealed

Despite the years that have passed and the paths they’ve taken diverging vastly, the bond between Ji-hwan and Eun-ha remains unbreakable. Through Eun-ha’s eyes, Ji-hwan is not just a former gangster, but a soul yearning for redemption and a chance at a brighter future. With her unwavering affection and steadfast belief in his inherent goodness, Eun-ha becomes Ji-hwan’s guiding light, offering him solace and hope amidst the shadows of his past.

As their journey intertwines, Ji-hwan finds himself not only confronting the demons of his past but also rediscovering the innocence and purity of their shared childhood. Through Eun-ha’s gentle encouragement and unwavering support, Ji-hwan begins to shed the layers of his former self, embracing the possibility of a new chapter filled with forgiveness, redemption, and the promise of a better tomorrow.

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My Sweet Mobster Cast

Directed by Kim Woo-hyun and Kim Young-hwan, with a screenplay written by Na Kyung, the South Korean romantic comedy series stars Uhm Tae-goo as Seo Ji-hwan, Han Sun-hwa as Go Eun-ha, Kwon Yool as Hyeon U, Kim Hyun-jin as Ju Il-yeong, Yang Hyun-min as Gwak Jae-su, and Lee Yoo-joon as Jung Man-ho, among others.

My Sweet Mobster Character Posters

My Sweet Mobster Episode List

This Kdrama is expected to have a 16-episode run.

Where to Watch My Sweet Mobster

The 2024 jTBC K-drama title will be available to watch on the subscription-based streaming service Viki and TVING.

My Sweet Mobster Release Date and Time

The first episode of the web series will premiere on June 12, 2024, at 8: 50 PM KST on the streaming service Viki and TVING.

Watch the My Sweet Mobster Trailer

YouTube videoYouTube video

The new series will reportedly air on the OTT streamer every Wednesday and Thursday.

Are you excited to watch the premiere of the latest 2024 drama this coming week? Share your thoughts on the intriguing premise of this new Korean series in the comments below!

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