Na In Woo Surpasses ‘Marry My Husband’ Co-Star Park Min Young in Cast Trend Index Rankings

Na In Woo and the rest of the “Marry My Husband” cast reign in the Rankify Cable Drama Cast Trend Index.

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The rankings are based on an analysis that focuses on indexed keyword search volume and Google Trends scores.

Ending January, the cast of the tvN webtoon-based series dominated the top 4 of the rankings, with Na In Woo topping the list.

Na In Woo Ranked First in the Cast Trend Index 

In a report cited by a media outlet, “Marry My Husband” lead star Na In Woo garnered a total of 59,083 points. It is a major increase from its previous point of 31,192.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

Interestingly, the actor surpassed his co-star’s popularity after Park Min Young landed in second place with 53,954 points.

In the revenge K-drama, Na In Woo plays Uoo Ji Hyuk, a young CEO at the family-owned business. He is Kang Ji Won’s boss from his second life, and he harbors an unexpected secret just like hers.

As for Park Min Young, the Hallyu star transforms into the dotting wife, Kang Ji Won.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

Aside from dealing with cancer, she also faced a challenging situation after discovering her husband’s affair with her best friend.

Speaking up, the other cast member getting the third spot is Song Ha Yoon with 42,715 points, while the fourth place goes to Lee Gi Gwang with a total of 21,181 points.

Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)
Marry My Husband
(Photo : tvN)

Another “Marry My Husband” cast member who joined the rankings is Lee Yi Kyung, who is in the top 6 with 17,013 points.

Taking on the villain role, Song Ha Yoon plays Jung Soo Min, the manipulative best friend of Kang Ji Won who had an affair with Park Min Hwan, played by Lee Yi Kyung.

Marry My Husband

(Photo : tvN)

As for Lee Gi Gwang, he is a chef and Kang Ji Won’s first love.

While the tvN cast members reigned supreme in the rankings, Choi Gyu Ri and the “Captivating the King” cast members Shin Se Kyung and Jo Jung Suk entered the rankings.

Here is the list of the top 10 stars who made it to the Cast Trend Index Rankings. 

  1. Na In Woo

  2. Park Min Young

  3. Song Ha Yoon

  4. Lee Gi Gwang

  5. Choi Gyu Ri

  6. Lee Yi Kyung

  7. Shin Se Kyung

  8. Jo Jung Seok

  9. Kim Jung Hee

  10. Park Ye Young

What to Expect in ‘Marry My Husband’

Airing every Monday and Tuesday, “Marry My Husband” is based on the webtoon that depicts the revenge of Kang Ji Won.

She uses her second shot at life to get back at her husband, best friend, and those who made her life miserable.

As the story enters the second half, viewers witness an unexpected twist.

Kang Ji Won gets the upper hand over Park Min Hwan and Song Ha Yoon with the help of Yoo Ji Hyuk.

Viewers get to watch the latest episode through tvN, TVING, and Prime Video.