Na In Woo, Yeon Jung Hoon Film Last Shoot for ‘2 Days, 1 Night’ Season 4

Na In Woo and Yeon Jung Hoon will be officially concluding their journey on “2 Days, 1 Night” Season 4.

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Since 2007, the adventure-comedy TV program has entertained viewers with the on-screen chemistry of the cast as they take trips across South Korea.

Unfortunately, two cast members are bidding farewell to the show, leaving Kim Jong Min, DinDin, Moon Se Yoon, and Yoo Sun Ho are on the show.

Following the confirmation of their decision to step down from KBS2’s variety show, a program official revealed that the duo will film their last day on the show this June.

Na In Woo, Yeon Jung Hoon Officially Leave ‘2 Days & 1 Night’

In an exclusive report by SPOTV News, Na In Woo and Yeon Jung Hoon are scheduled to have their last day of filming on “2 Days & 1 Night” on June 21 and 22.

2 Days 1 Night
(Photo : KBS2)

Other than the two main cast members, Producer Lee Jung Gyu will also be stepping down as the show’s director and will be replaced by Producer Joo Jong Hyun, who has been directing “2 Days & 1 Night” along with him.

To recall, Na In Woo officially joined the KBS2 variety show in February 2022 after replacing Kim Seon Ho, who left “2 Days, 1 Night” due to the controversy at the time.

After only two years and four months since he joined, the actor has decided to leave the variety show to focus more on his acting career.

A representative of Na In Woo’s agency also mentioned the actor’s upcoming drama, which he is scheduled to film in the second half of this year.

As for Yeon Jung Hoon, who is known as the “eldest brother” on the show, he will be leaving the program after 5 years. He is among the original cast members of season 4, along with RAVI, who stepped down in October 2021.

As of this writing, no decision has been made regarding their successor, and discussions regarding the casting “are still ongoing.”

Na In Woo Stars in ‘Motel California’

Na In Woo
(Photo : Na In Woo Instagram)

Ahead of Na In Woo’s enlistment, the actor officially joins the upcoming K-drama “Motel California.”

Slated to air on MBC in 2025, he will be teaming up with Lee Se Young, who will take on the character of Ji Kang Hee.

She was born and raised in a rural motel and reunited with her first love, Chon Soo, played by Na In Woo.

Based on the novel “Home, Bitter Home,” the upcoming K-drama will be a 12-episode romance drama that will be directed by Jang Joon Ho of “Time” and “Bad Thief, Good Thief.”