Na Young-hee Drops Bombshell Compliments on Kim Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo: ‘One Actress Took My Breath Away with Her Beauty’

In an exclusive episode of Baik Ji Yeon’s YouTube series, veteran actress Na Young-hee shared intimate insights into her experiences working with rising stars Kim Ji Won and Song Hye Kyo.

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The actress, known for her illustrious career spanning decades, left viewers enraptured with her genuine admiration and affection for her hoobae actresses.

Reflecting on her collaboration with Kim Ji Won in the recently concluded drama ‘Queen of Tears,’ Na Young-hee couldn’t contain her praise for the young actress.

 “I’ve always been a fan of Ji Won,” Na Young-hee confessed, highlighting Kim Ji Won’s exceptional acting prowess.

“Working with her on the project, I was amazed by the level of detail displayed in her expression,” she added, emphasizing Ji Won’s dedication to her craft.

Na Young-hee
(Photo : Youtube|@pjynow_)

But it wasn’t just Kim Ji Won’s talent that captivated Na Young-hee; it was her genuine kindness and compassion towards everyone on set.

 “Ji Won treats everyone equally well, from actors to every staff member,” Na Young-hee remarked, expressing her admiration for Ji Won’s humility and warmth. “

Ji Won is so precious! I praise her all the time, wherever I go,” she continued, showering the young actress with affection and recognition for her remarkable personality and talent.

Na Young-hee’s reminiscence didn’t stop with Kim Ji Won; she also shared fond memories of working with Song Hye Kyo in the 2008 drama ‘Worlds Within.’

Describing Song Hye Kyo’s beauty as “captivating,” Na Young-hee admitted to being mesmerized by the actress’s ethereal charm.

 “Her beauty is captivating. I couldn’t stop myself from staring into her face, fascinated,”

Na Young-hee confessed, illustrating the profound impact Song Hye Kyo had on her.


In addition to her admiration for fellow actors, Na Young-hee expressed heartfelt appreciation for writer Park Ji-eun, with whom she collaborated on multiple projects.

Fondly recalling their work together on ‘Queen of Tears’ and ‘Queen of Housewives,’ Na Young-hee commended Park Ji-eun’s storytelling prowess and unwavering commitment to portraying authentic narratives, particularly those centered around older characters.