Nam Goong Min, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Gye Sang & Shin Ha Kyun

The second half of this year will be full of exciting dramas starring trustworthy actors

Starring Nam Goong Min, MBC’s “My Dearest”, which tells about the romance of lovers and the vitality of people in war, recently wrapped up Part 1 with a high nationwide rating of 12.2% and 11.5% in Seoul area. Surrounded by various rumors and speculations, the drama announced its return with Part 2 on October 13th.

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my dearset

SBS’s “7 Escape”, starring Uhm Ki Joon, will face “My Dearest” in this drama battle. The drama depicts the survival of seven villains involved in the disappearance of a girl who faces events intertwined with lies and desires and the bloody punishment for them. Anticipation for “7 Escape” is high as it marks the reunion of “Penthouse” writer Kim Soon Ok and director Joo Dong Min. In addition, the competition between sisters Lee Yoo Bi (“7 Escape”) and Lee Da In (“My Dearest”) is also arousing attention.

yoon kye sang

Yoon Gye Sang will join the heated drama competition in the second half of this year with ENA’s Wed-Thu series“The Kidnapping Day”, which premiered on September 13th. The drama is about the collaboration of clumsy kidnapper Kim Myung Joon (Yoon Gye Sang) and 11-year-old genius girl Choi Ro Hee (Yuna). In particular, Yoon Gye Sang plans to show a completely new face and image through the character Kim Myung Joon, a clumsy and weak kidnapper.

shin ha kyun

On October 14th, Shin Ha Kyun’s new series “Evilive” will air its first episode. It’s a crime noir drama that tells the story of livelihood lawyer Han Dong Soo who meets an absolute villain and becomes an elite villain himself. Regarding Shin Ha Kyun’s portrayal of Han Dong Soo, the production team said, “We designed each line and each movement carefully to show the process of Shin Ha Kyun turning into a villain in the drama. As expected, Shin Ha Kyun did amazing!”.

K-drama fans are looking forward to seeing the person who will win the competition in the second half of this year among trustworthy actors Nam Goong Min, Uhm Ki Joon, Yoon Gye Sang, and Shin Ha Kyun.

Source: Daum