Nam Tae-hyun’s Girlfriend Seo Min-jae Accepted to Recovery Support Program for Drug Users and Theology Graduate School

On May 31st, influencer Seo Min-jae revealed on social media that she had received a text message confirming her acceptance into the 4th batch of the recovery support program for the year 2024 from the Korean Drug Eradication Headquarters.

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According to the Korean Drug Eradication Headquarters, the recovery support program targets individuals who have been drug users for over a year and have maintained abstinence.

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With her acceptance into this program, Seo Min-jae will engage in activities such as facilitating group programs, providing assistance, counseling on addiction-related issues, and sharing her recovery experience.

Recently, Seo Min-jae also disclosed her acceptance notice for the integrated master’s and doctoral program at the Graduate School of Theology, Sogang University. According to this notice, she will major in ‘Spiritual Philosophy Counseling’ in the Cooperative Course for Spiritual Philosophy Counseling. Alongside this, Seo Min-jae added, “I will live even harder. Thank you.”

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In 2022, Seo Min-jae faced drug allegations after posting incoherent messages on SNS about her relationship with singer Nam Tae-hyun. They were accused of purchasing drugs via Telegram and using philopon together at Seo Min-jae’s residence in Yongsan-gu, Seoul in August that year. Last January, Seo Min-jae was sentenced to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years. At the time, Seo Min-jae stated, “I humbly accept the punishment given and will strive to live as an honest and upright person in the future.”

Seo Min-jae, who gained recognition through Channel A’s “Heart Signal 3”, was an automotive mechanic at a large company but lost her job. She later shared updates about working part-time at a café, expressing remorse for her actions and saying, “I will live reflecting on my mistakes. It’s okay to criticize me, but please don’t say bad things to those who give me a chance to work part-time and help me get back on my feet.”

She also shared updates with the media about her drug abstinence and rehabilitation treatment, stating, “I lost everything I had. The image I had is completely destroyed, and my family members lost their jobs as well.