Namgoong Min’s ‘My Dearest’ Part 2 Release Date Announced — Is Lee Chung Ah His New Love Interest?

After the clinghanger ending, finally, Namgoong Min is finally back with the much-awaited “My Dearest” Part 2.

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MBC teased viewers with the drama’s first official poster, hinting at what to expect in the upcoming sequel. Along with it is the official release date that fans have all been waiting for.

‘My Dearest’ Part 2 Release Date Revealed

In the latest update, MBC announced that “My Dearest” Part 2 will officially premiere on October 13 at 9:50 PM KST.

In addition, the broadcast network also unveiled the official poster featuring Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin.

My Dearest part 2

(Photo : MBC)

It only shows that the second half of the drama will showcase the continuation of Lee Jang Hyuk and Lady Yoo Gil Chae’s complicated romance as they travel back and forth between Joseon and the Qing Dynasty following their heartbreaking breakup.

Furthermore, MBC also hints at the focus of Part 2, which will be the “dramatic changes in the story” of the two main leads.

It can be recalled that the upcoming sequel raises speculation that Ahn Eun Jin’s character will not be part of it and will be replaced by Lee Chung Ah, who appeared in the second half of part 1.

Interestingly, this was clarified by Namgoong Min himself.

Namgoong Min Answers Concern Regarding the New Female Lead in ‘My Dearest’ Part 2

My Dearest

(Photo : MBC )

My Dearest

(Photo : MBC)

After successfully concluding the show’s part 1, Namgoong Min acknowledged the viewers concern regarding rumors about the new female lead.

It was after Yoo Gil Chae left Lee Jang Hyuk and continued to marry another man. Accepting his fate, he continued living his life and unexpectedly met the mysterious warrior, played by Lee Chung Ah.

Unfortunately, this sparked dissatisfaction from the viewers, expressing how they want Ahn Eun jin to remain as the female lead.

In response to the speculations, Namgoong Min posted a video on his Instagram showcasing the last scene in “My Dearest” part 1. The actor took the opportunity to thank the viewers for their “love, interest, and worries” and promised to “repay them with a beautiful love story of Jang Hyun and Gil Chae.”

He also reassured fans about the loveline that will continue in part 2.

Lastly, he also gave hints on what to expect in the upcoming sequel.

“It will have more interesting and beautiful love stories than Part 1,” he said, adding that “My Dearest” part 2 “won’t disappoint” viewers. Not only did the MBC series deliver a show-stopping K-drama, but it was well loved by fans.

Although they kicked off with a promising start, the historical K-drama landed on its first double-digit rating during the second half.

Furthermore, the 10-episode K-drama concluded the part 1 by breaking its own highest viewership rating record of 12.2% nationwide and 11.5% in the metropolitan area as mentioned by Neilsen Korea.