Nana’s Epic Birthday Reveals Unbelievable Friendship with a ‘2nd Gen Visual’ Icon — You Won’t Believe Who

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In a heartwarming display of friendship, actress and former After School member, Nana, recently celebrated her 33rd birthday, and the event offered a glimpse into her close-knit circle of celebrity friends.

The festivities, which took place on September 14, were documented through photos and a heartfelt message shared on Nana’s Instagram.

Nana’s Celebratory Gathering with A-List Friends

The images showcased Nana surrounded by her cherished friends, and the guest list read like a who’s who of the entertainment industry.

Among those in attendance were the renowned actress and former Miss A member, Suzy, the talented Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyunah, and the esteemed actress, Jang Hee Ryung.

Clad in comfortable attire, the quartet appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the party, their smiles and camaraderie radiating in the snapshots. To mark the occasion, they presented Nana with a birthday cake and serenaded her with a joyous rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Nana expressed her gratitude in the Instagram caption, writing, “Thank you for being with me, my forever friends.” The heartwarming post garnered considerable attention and admiration from fans and netizens alike.


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In particular, fans were delighted to witness Nana’s enduring friendship with Suzy, affectionately dubbing them the “2nd gen visuals” – a testament to their stunning beauty and timeless charm.

Netizens’ comments:

  • “Wow, Nana and the other idol must have a really strong bond! It’s great to see their friendship shine through”
  • “Nana and the 2nd gen idol are definitely giving us friendship goals. They’re so adorable together”
  • “Nana’s birthday party seemed like such a blast! It’s heartwarming to see her surrounded by her fellow idols”
  • “Nana is truly loved by everyone, including her fellow 2nd gen idol friend. Their support for each other is amazing.”
  • “Nana and the 2nd gen visual together? I can’t handle all this beauty in one place”

This wasn’t the first glimpse netizens had of their friendship; back in May, Nana, Suzy, and Jang Hee Ryung had shared pictures from a vacation together, fueling excitement among their dedicated fan base.

As Nana’s birthday celebration unfolded on social media, it was not just a party but a heartening display of the strong bonds that connect these talented women.

Their camaraderie serves as a reminder that genuine friendships can thrive even amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

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