Nana’s process of removing her tattoos

 She first revealed her tattoos in September 2022

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Then, she started to remove it around early-mid 2023

It started to fade a lot around October 2023

And recently

-Wow, tattoo removal is really tough.

-Seeing this, I really feel how amazing Han Sohee is…

-It must have been very painful.

-Luckily her tattoos were simple, so they faded quickly

-Removing tattoos is painful… And hers haven’t even completely gone yet.

-It has faded a lot now. People say removing tattoos is even more difficult and painful than getting them done.

-Even so, there are still traces left.

-Let’s think carefully before getting a tattoo, removing it costs double in money and time.

-I heard that dermatologists could close their clinic for a day when a patient comes for tattoo removal (It’s a joke implying that tattoo removal is very expensive)

-It’s a relief that hers are not heavily filled in. They say it’s really difficult to remove deeply and heavily inked ones.

-Oh, but her tattoos were really cute though.

-Doing it so much in such a short period and removing it again, that’s unusual…

-Those tattoos really suited her, but if she’s going to continue acting, it’s probably better to remove it. 

-Why go through such pain?

-Color tattoos are harder to remove than black ones, it must have been tough.

-Wow, she must have struggled a lot. I got 15 laser sessions to remove mine, but you can still see marks if you look closelyㅋㅋㅋ Nana has color tattoos, so it might take longer.

-I wish I could remove mine too… Must be very painful. Fighting.

-It’s amazing, it looks clean.

-It’s painful for me to watch.