Nayeon and her mother earn backlash online for not paying back mother’s ex-boyfriend’s money

 SourceMoney Today News via Insight

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[+138] Whatever the court rules, this seems more like a case where she deserves criticism for failing to do what’s right

[+118] 600 million won from her mother’s ex-boyfriend… wow… that’s a sum that most people couldn’t even dream of… Her mom’s quite skilled.

[+85] Damn.. pay it back. You spent it, you should pay it back, it’s the right thing to do.

[+41] Sigh… Even if she won the case, it really reflects poorly on both Nayeon and her mother by failing to do what’s right.. I’m sure it felt good to be spending someone else’s money like that, but you should know that the right thing to do is pay it back when you can, or at least be really thankful to him. There’s never a good end for people who think easily of other people’s money like this.

[+23] I don’t know what happened back then but for a boyfriend to hand you 600 million won… especially after being promised that they’d pay him back after she debuted? Wouldn’t that mean he never would’ve given them the money in the first place if that promise was never made like they claim? Sigh

[+5] Feels like she could just pay him back out of her one month’s paycheck, just give it back and have some shame

[+4] Gold digger?!

[+1] Pay it back, he helped you when you needed it most…

[+1] Who knows what the details of their story are but she’s rich enough where it’s probably better to pay back that 600 million won and keep her image clean..

[+805] Just on a basic human level, you need to pay that 600 million won back, especially if it helped you get to where you are now. You’ve made so much money since debut, pay it back. 

[+534] Amazing how people seem to forget the people who helped them get to where they are

[+512] The least you can do is not forget the person who helped you when you needed it. Even if that money wasn’t lent but given, you should know to pay him back for the efforts he put into helping you succeed.

[+263] It’s basic human decency to pay back the people who helped you when you needed it

[+216] So Nayeon’s basically a case of Fifty Fifty that managed to get away with it

[+151] Behaving like this will only hurt her own image. If someone helped her get to where she is now, she needs to pay it back. 

[+124] I wonder why people find it so easy to betray the ones who helped them when they were at their worst… Nayeon-ah, the money you and your mother spent needs to be paid back, it’s the least you can do as a human being. I wouldn’t have even taken this to court, I would’ve just paid it right back… If you have any shame, pay it back.

[+92] Even if he hadn’t been her mother’s boyfriend at the time… even if that 600 million won was truly gifted to her in good faith, I would’ve still paid it back to express my thanks. Even if not all, at least a little bit… She was my favorite member in Twice, it’s disappointing to see this ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

[+130] If it’s fact that he helped them to a sum amounting to over 600 million won, then yes, Nayeon needs to do something about paying it back..

[+85] Even if she won the lawsuit, she needs to pay it back out of human decency

[+82] Wow, that’s actually amazing…

[+77] Her mother’s character is amazing… I can’t help but pass judgment on to Nayeon’s character, who was raised under such character as well

[+77] Ah, the famous “JYP character” ㅋㅋㅋ

[+75] I’m more amazed that the man waited all this time ㅋㅋ

[+23] She’s letting her image tank over 600 million won when she’s probably made way more than that over the course of her career. 

[+2,621, -42] This won’t be good for her image. You need to at least pay back a bit of what this person gave you to help you succeed. How can you spend on his credit card like that and not give a cent back..

[+1,494, -19] Mother and daughter took this guy for a ride. Seems like the man knew he wasn’t going to get his money back anyway and went ahead with the lawsuit out of anger.

[+1,197, -9] So in the end, it’s true that Nayeon and her mother spent 600 million won of this man’s money. Shouldn’t that be paid back?? That’s no little sum..

[+841, -5] Wow~ if someone helps you in your time of need, it’s basic decency to pay it back. 600 million won is no laughing sum.

[+352, -4] I don’t get it. Once you succeed, isn’t it basic decency to pay back the people who helped you? Why are you ignoring them? I think the judge made a bad decision here. This is a matter og human decency. I get that they never married so he’s no more than a stranger even after 12 years but he still paid for so much of Nayeon’s education and lifestyle. Am I the only one that thinks it’s basic decency to pay him back?

[+239, -3] This man paid for her and her mother’s life for 12 years to as um of 600 million won. Be a good person and pay it back. He’s not even her bio parent, the least you can do is pay it back.

[+222, -1] So the judge admits that the money was spent on her rent, transportation, paying loans, education, etc -> and yet the judge ruled that Nayeon has no obligation to pay it back?

[+215, -0] At her level of success, it should’ve been paid back before it even reached the courtroom. Even if the money wasn’t technically “lent,” she’s made millions as a Twice member now. If she had shown even an ounce of desire in paying that man back, I doubt he would’ve filed a lawsuit. He’s not even asking for more than he supported her with, just as much as he gave her, which sounds like the lawsuit is more out of sad feelings than a way to get revenge on her. This is an issue of character. Don’t live like that, Nayeon.

[+185, -2] So it’s basically true that we wouldn’t have the Nayeon we know today without this man’s money… Her and her mother basically took this guy for a ride. Even with the court ruling the way it did, she needs to settle with him the best she can.

[+145, -4] She basically earned her success off of her mother’s affair partner

[+122, -1] I don’t even know how you can spend 600 million won of someone else’s money like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ your mother’s a mess, Nayeon

[+105, -2] So mother and daughter used their good looks to stick a straw down a man’s back and suck him dry~ Nayeon-ah, don’t live your life like your mother. There’s nothing free in this world. The man’s a fool for thinking he’d get anything out of keeping his girlfriend’s house afloat like this

[+95, -3] Wow, amazing mother and daughter pair

[+72, -0] This feels iffy. It’s like those cases where the girlfriend spends her life looking after a man as he prepares for law or med school and then he dumps her after he gets in.

[+62, -0] ㅋㅋㅋ At her level of success, it’s basic human decency to pay it back. Seems like both mother and daughter never wanted to at all. If you never wanted to pay it back, you should’ve figured out a way to make money and keep yourselves afloat before ripping off a man like this!

[+61, -3] They sure did spend a lot ㅋㅋㅋ not even on her own father’s card but on some foolish man’s credit card. I always thought she had a cute image but she looks so different to me now.

[+47, -0] Is her mother a gold digger or something? Why was she using so much of a boyfriend’s money?

[+1,246, -10] So Nayeon’s mother spent her boyfriend’s money on paying for Nayeon’s education and their living expenses but now that said daughter is a famous celebrity making lots of money, she turned on him? Where’s your basic human decency? Don’t you think paying that money back will be better for your daughter’s image?

[+591, -9] I mean, isn’t it so obvious that the money was lent, not gifted? Who in the world just goes around giving away 600 million won without expecting it back???

[+473, -8] Even if she has no legal responsibility to pay it back, this is not good human behavior. It’s not even like she doesn’t have the money… I don’t get why she felt the need to blow it up in the media like this instead of paying it back.

[+370, -2] What the court ruled doesn’t matter. If you took his money, you need to pay it back.

[+236, -3] There’s no way he just “gave” them the 600 million won without expecting it back..

[+585, -10] Just out of basic human decency, should you not pay back someone’s money you used to live off of?

[+428, -6] So basically, it sounds like the mother used the guy for his money, and now that her daughter’s big, she doesn’t want to pay any of it back. Her mother basically took some poor guy for a ride. Sigh, you have tons of money, just give it back..

[+276, -4] So what is the court saying? That even if he gave them 600 million won before debut, they weren’t legally married or anything so the money’s considered a gift???????? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They “broke up” so there’s no legal obligation anymore???????? And yet there’s transactions proving that 600 million won of that money went into supporting Nayeon???? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

[+263, -3] Unless the mother wants to tank her daughter’s image, please just pay it back.. You didn’t “win” anything in this case other than telling the world that you took a man for a fool.

[+75, -1] The court itself acknowledged that the 600 million won was spent on her… Nayeon’s image is going int the trash now. The court only ruled in their favor because they were never married, just dating… The public’s only going to remember that she has the money now and refused to pay it back.

[+70, -0] He spent years keeping food on their table… 

[+64, -1] Not even a few thousand but hundreds of thousands… that’s not an allowance here or there, that’s money that kept you alive, and this is how you pay him back ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they’re gold diggers

[+55, -1] Unless you’re gold diggers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pay him back when he helped you when you needed it most

[+49, -1] Nayeon-ah… at least give your mother 300 million won to pay this man back. You have the money, we all know that. At least pretend like you care about paying back this poor man.

[+41, -0] You are not human if you backstab a person who helped you at your lowest like this