NCT Accidentally ‘Borrows’ ENHYPEN’s Bodyguards for THIS Hilarious Reason

NCT Accidentally 'Borrows' ENHYPEN's Bodyguards for THIS Hilarious Reason

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ENHYPEN’s bodyguards were accidentally “borrowed” by NCT at an airport incident, drawing laughter from the K-pop community.

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NCT & ENHYPEN’s Epic Bodyguard Mix-Up Draws Laughter from K-Netz

The clip has gone viral on the internet.

On September 19, a netizen created an online forum titled, “It’s funny how HYBE’s bodyguards are also blocking fans of NCT.”

According to the author, NCT members Jaemin, Jeno, and Jisung were on the same plane as ENHYPEN. At the airport, fans were also spotted taking snapshots of the NCT members. However, the incident gained attention for another reason.

NCT Accidentally 'Borrows' ENHYPEN's Bodyguards for THIS Hilarious Reason

(Photo : Twitter)

The author then explained that despite fans taking pictures of NCT, the bodyguards thought they were taking pictures of ENHYPEN, before springing into action and clinging together to “prevent” the chaos from escalating further.

When NCTzens clarified they were fans of NCT and not ENHYPEN, the bodyguards still told them to stop taking pictures of the NCT members as well. The author wrote:

“This is so funny. Today, Jaemin, Jeno, and Jisung took the same airplane as the ENHYPEN members, and NCT fangirls were taking pictures of NCT quietly.

But as seen in the video, HYBE’s bodyguards (for ENHYPEN) were acting up. The fans explained to them that they weren’t fans of ENHYPEN, but fans of NCT, and the bodyguards told them off to stop taking photos of NCT either.”

Watch the clips below:

Netizens commented and pointed out how funny it was seeing the bodyguards hastily blocking the crowd. They also mentioned the randomness of how NCT got new bodyguards for free, thanks to the incident that ensued. Read their comments here:

  •  “They’re working really hard.”
  •  “Wow, NCT just got bodyguards for free.”
  •  “They must be having it hard.”
  •  “You suffered, bodyguards.”
  •  “This is so freaking funny. The fact that ENHYPEN’s song is the video’s background is what makes it even funnier.”
  •  “Bodyguards, thank you for taking care of the fangirls who stick their bodies to the idols.”

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Meanwhile, in a separate discussion, netizens conveyed that SM should give a check to HYBE’s bodyguards for their initiative in protecting both artists. Others commended the guards for demonstrating their prudence and upholding their duty at the airport.

  •  “If SM did its job properly, HYBE wouldn’t have to intervene. Congrats for protecting both ENHYPEN and NCT. Please ask for SM’s payment later.”
  •  “This is kind of embarrassing for SM.”
  •  “Acting up? It’s just bodyguards doing their best to protect artists from these fans.”

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