NCT Chenle selected as Singer of November “‘Music star’ with cool guy charm”

NCT Chenle was selected as “Singer of November”

Recently, Ten Asia conducted a vote through the global voting service platform “Top Ten Ten Asia” website to select the “November birthday boy/girl”.

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Chenle, who was born on November 22nd, 2001, received the most votes among K-pop artists with November birthdays and was selected as “Singer of November”.

NCT Chenle

Chenle is from China and his name means “music star”.

Chenle is a member of NCT, NCT DREAM and NCT U. He serves as the main vocalist for NCT DREAM, possessing a beautiful voice that combines a husky yet clear tone. Chenle is praised for his steady live singing skills, even when performing intense dances.

Chenle is loved by fans for his colorful charms, going back and forth between cute and chic. He has a baby-faced cute appearance combined with the chic atmosphere of a cool guy. He delivers positive energy to fans with his bright personality.

As the DJ of TBS eFM’s “Akdong Seoul”, he brought fun and humor to listeners with his witty hosting, earning him the nickname “LeD”.

NCT Chenle

Chenle is recognized as a “golden spoon idol” even by his fellow members. His house in Shanghai, China is reported to be a luxurious apartment with features like a bamboo garden and a swimming pool, valued at over 4 billion won. Chenle has been learning activities such as shooting and billiards since childhood and enjoyed playing golf at home. When he was 13, his parents organized a private concert for him to showcase his exceptional artistic talents. In addition, Chenle became the youngest singer to be invited to perform solo at the Golden Hall of Vienna.

Meanwhile, Chenle’s group NCT DREAM is set to perform at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour, the largest year-end festival in the United States. The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour will take place on December 10th (hereafter local time) in Boston, December 11th in Washington D.C., and December 14th in Atlanta.

Source: Daum