NCT Dream Renjun Temporarily Cancels Upcoming Activities Due To Health Concerns — Read Official Statement

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Renjun has been confirmed to halt all his upcoming activities according to a statement from SM Entertainment.

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NCT Dream Renjun Tentatively Cancels Upcoming Activities Due To ‘Worsening’ Health Condition

On April 13, SM Entertainment released an official statement declaring the cancellation of Renjun’s activities.

Idol Replies to Hater Who Claimed Current Artists Have 'Easy' Lives But Lacking Skills
(Photo : NCT Dream Renjun (Kpop Wiki))

According to the announcement, SM Entertainment shared that Renjun would be unable to participate in NCT Dream’s appearance at the upcoming NHK show “Venue 101,” which will take place on April 13 in Japan, alongside the fansign event for Weidian in China on April 14.

The agency shared that the idol is currently recovering his health by resting and that it plans to prioritize Renjun’s health and stability.

SM also disclosed that it would manage the idol’s future activities, before assuring fans that a separate announcement would be made at a later date. Read the full statement below:


We are making this announcement to inform you of NCT member Renjun’s scheduled activities and his participation.

We regret to inform you that Renjun will not be attending the NHK show “Venue 101” in Japan, which will be held on April 13. He will also not be attending Weidian’s fansign event in China on the 14th of April.

Regarding his current state, Renjun is now using his time to rest, and we are planning to consider his health and recovery as the top priority. We will manage his activities in the future through flexible procedures, and we will make an announcement regarding his activities soon.

We will spare our unconditional support to Renjun and do our best to help him recover his health, so he can return and greet fans again in good shape.

Thank you.”

Here’s how fans reacted on X (Twitter):

Wishing Renjun the speediest of recoveries!

NCT Dream Renjun Replies To Hater Claiming Idols Have ‘Easy’ Lives But Lacking Skills

In other news, Renjun gained the attention of fans online for his savage reply to a hater. The exchange happened on April 7, when Renjun interacted with the hater who criticized the idols in the current generation.

Nowadays, it’s easy for idols to live as money is earned left and right by using their looks while they date so freely,” they stated. “Their live stages are like s**t, they’re thoughtless and lacking the passion of the previous generation. They’re too laid back, just get rid of the phone altogether.”

However, Renjun retaliated, “Don’t hide and type like a rat. Contact my lawyer and let’s talk face-to-face if you have something to say to me. Call this person and tell him what you have to say.”

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