NCT DREAM’s Renjun Complains About Sasaengfans’ Invasion Of Privacy Again Amid Hiatus

On June 11th, Renjun sent some messages via the fan communication platform Bubble, saying, “I have many things to say but I can only do it here. Please understand my frustration about this”.

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Explaining the reason he decided to suspend activities temporarily, Renjun said, “I had a hard time due to panic disorder and depression, but I did not want to cause damage to the team so I kept holding it in and enduring it until even my body reacted and I collapsed. Realizing that it was too dangerous, I decided to take a break. I wanted to do activities more than anyone else, but my body kept reacting to that, so I eventually made the decision to suspend activities. I’m so sorry. I should have been stronger.” 

NCT Renjun

Revealing that he has been doing everything he couldn’t do to recover his condition during the break, Renjun continued, “I saw a post saying, ‘Seems like he’s still having fun even when he’s sick’, and found it so ridiculous and pathetic. Does a sick person have to be depressed all the time, and keep themselves in the hospital room taking medicine and crying every day? My goal is to do my best to get better and resume activities. In order to do that, I go for a walk and do what I want to do to get healed”.

Renjun then expressed discomfort caused by sasaengfans. He said, “They followed me even on my personal schedules. Those people are like scary stalkers to me. They sat next to me on the plane and took photos when I slept. This gave me a huge burden”, adding “How did you find out about my ticket information and get to sit next to me? They even replied shamelessly, ‘I didn’t follow you’. It gave me stress for real. There are many ways to love and like someone, so there’s no need to take such an extreme approach”.

He added, “No matter if you are young or old, I will not let you invade my personal life. I’m going to report this through my lawyer and file a lawsuit, so I hope you can get a hold of yourself and use your time as well as passion for the right thing”, adding “If you mess with me as Hwang Renjun, not as a celebrity, I will not stay still. Even if there are losses, I will fight tooth and nail to make sure you are punished. My company has also prepared to take measures for this matter”.

Lastly, Renjun said, “What I said above is not for NCTzen (NCT’s fandom). It’s a warning to those who are illegally causing damage to DREAM (NCT DREAM) members. NCTzen, I love you to the point that I want to give you my everything. I hope you’ll always be happy”.

Meanwhile, Renjun expressed frustration due to malicious comments from sasaengfans before. After that, SM Entertainment reported that Renjun would temporarily halt his activities following the advice to take a rest from medical staff after visiting the hospital due to poor condition and anxiety.