NCT Explosive Debut Shockingly Guided by SM Entertainment Icon — Guess Who

In a move that has sent ripples of excitement through the K-Pop community, SM Entertainment has revealed that the forthcoming debut of NCT’s newest unit, NCT WISH, will be under the seasoned guidance of none other than K-Pop trailblazer BoA.

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BoA: A Pioneer in the Globalization of K-Pop

BoA, recognized as one of the original trailblazers of K-Pop, made her debut in 2000 at the age of 13. Her groundbreaking success and popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan played a pivotal role in propelling the Hallyu wave across Asia.

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Notably, she achieved the distinction of being the first Korean artist to enter the U.S. Billboard main chart album, Billboard 200.

A Multi-faceted Involvement in NCT WISH’s Journey

Having already contributed to shaping the lineup of NCT WISH as a co-mentor on the reality show “NCT Universe: LASTART,” BoA’s involvement is poised to be instrumental.

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Given that NCT WISH is slated to be primarily a Japanese unit, BoA’s stature as a leading K-Pop idol in the Japanese market is expected to bring invaluable insights to their debut.

Netizens’ Reaction

Here are the sentiments expressed by netizens regarding NCT WISH, which is poised to debut under the seasoned guidance of K-Pop trailblazer, BoA.

“I’m rooting for BoA”
“When I think of BoA’s latest song, don’t be sloppy~ This is the first lyric that comes to mind.”
“It’s not BoA’s first time doing this, and it’s not Seom’s first time doing an event like this. He also appeared on NCT’s Wish selection program, and he’s filming content along with his job, so there’s an uproar of people who won’t even watch it.”
“Why bother when you have a professional producer? It’s fascinating”
“Oooh, I was impressed by how meticulous he was when doing server mentoring with Espa, so I’m looking forward to it.”
“I wish they showed the production process or behind-the-scenes footage like last time. I saw it during Decomto and it was fun.”

BoA: The Driving Force Behind Debut Album Production

As the producer for NCT WISH, BoA is set to supervise the overall production of their debut album, providing her expertise in music and performance aspects. Beyond the debut, she plans to continue guiding the members’ activities and growth in her ongoing role as a producer.

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NCT WISH is gearing up for a spectacular debut at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on February 21, building anticipation among fans who are eager to witness the next chapter in NCT’s musical journey.