NCT Haechan & Jisung Asked About Palestine Following Taeyong’s Supposed Anti-Starbucks Post

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After NCT leader Taeyong was seen supposedly shading Starbucks on Instagram, fellow members Haechan and Jisung were asked about Palestine during fan call events.

Currently, Starbucks Korea is busy promoting its latest collaboration with NCT. The brand is selling several pieces of merchandise with NCT branding. This has sparked massive backlash, as people around the world are boycotting Starbucks amid the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Starbucks is being boycotted after the brand tried to sue worker unions who voiced their support for Palestine while using the Starbucks logo in their posts.

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On May 31, Taeyong shocked people by posting to his Instagram Story. Following several posts from Starbucks Korea promoting their collab with NCT, Taeyong shared the word “Boycott” in his Story. It was only up for 20 minutes before it was deleted.

Renjun is also suspected of alluding to the boycott, sharing the word “peace” in his Instagram Story alongside an emoji of a cup of coffee, a broken heart, and a red X.

While international fans praised Taeyong and Renjun for their actions, Korean netizens were not as impressed. People believe that their actions are selfish, as they could potentially harm the other members and brand deals moving forward.

On May 31, a post titled “Jisung and Haechan receiving questions related to Palestine during their video calls thanks to Taeyong and Renjun” was shared with Instiz, a popular South Korean online community forum.

There, the original poster shared tweets from fans who shared their fan call experiences with Haechan and Jisung. It is noted that it is not just one fan, but several who brought the topic up to fans.

In one video featuring Jisung, the fans tell the idol that there are NCT fans hurting right now and that they hoped the idol could show love and support to those in Palestine. Jisung listened carefully and seemed concerned, but was unable to say anything due to the time being up.

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The OP shared two videos of Haechan. In one, a fan holds up a sign for Haechan to read. While it does not explicitly state the situation in Palestine, they ask for the idol to be careful and aware of his decisions in regard to this matter. As he reads, he tells the fan, “Okay.”

In another call, the fan told Haechan that something bad is happening in the world right now, but they are confident in Haechan because he is a good person. Hearing this, Haechan tells the fan, “Okay, thank you so much.”

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While international fans praised these fans for their bravery in talking about the conflict, Korean netizens did not share the same sentiments.

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People hated that they were forced to acknowledge the conflict, knowing that it may cause tension among their fandom as well as with future projects. Some, however, noted that this might not be caused by Taeyong and Renjun, as international fans have been asking their favorite idols to boycott brands for months now.

Some comments read,

  • “Wow, this is a legendary eyesore. And I-Roaches will use this to praise them.”
  • “No, but why would they make Jisung listen to this?”
  • “Did Jisung commit a crime or something?”
  • “Wow, this made me swear. Why would they go and say this to the kids?”
  • “Because of Taeyong and Renjun? Don’t fans usually go up to everyone and tell them to boycott Starbucks?”
  • “It’s not necessarily because of Taeyong and Renjun. They do this to everyone.”
  • “Why are people claiming this has nothing to do with Taeyong and Renjun? They are the ones who spoke up in support of the boycott, so of course their fans will talk to the other members about it too.”
  • “What crimes did Jisung commit? These roaches need to stop.”

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