NCT Haechan ‘Smoking’ Indoors? Czennies Divided Over Idol’s ‘Controversial’ Act

Fans were split over Haechan’s actions, sparking a forum where they discussed the idol’s behavior.

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Here’s what happened.

NCT Haechan
(Photo : Twitter || @TEAMLHC)

Did NCT Haechan Really Smoke Indoors? Here’s What NCTzens, K-Netz Discussed Regarding Idol’s Actions

On January 10, the behind-the-scenes for NCT 127’s “Be There For Me” dance practice was uploaded, showing the group prepping for the song’s choreography.


While the content aimed to give NCTzens a glimpse of NCT 127’s hard work and production, many were more focused on several of Haechan’s brief actions during the video.

On the same day (January 10), netizens claimed in a community that Haechan was seen smoking inside the dance practice room with an electronic cigarette, also known as vape. OP also recalled a specific rule regarding indoor smoking.

He’s smoking as if he’s inside his house,” the author stated. “Doesn’t he need to pay a penalty fee because one of his sunbaes got complained at?

NCT Haechan Smoking Indoors? Czennies Divided Over Idol's 'Controversial' Act
(Photo : pann.nate)

Netizens then pointed out his smoking etiquette and stature, while also mentioning how hard it must be for Haechan to go outside. Read their comments below:

  •  “So they edited the smoke out, but if this isn’t an e-cig what is it? He keeps bringing it to his mouth the whole time.”
NCT Haechan Smoking Indoors? Czennies Divided Over Idol's 'Controversial' Act
(Photo : pann.nate)
  •  “He’s such a mess.”
  •  “I smoke too, but I seriously don’t understand kids like him who think this way. Is it that hard for him to just step outside and smoke?”
  •  “Look at that gesture. He looks like your typical neighborhood gangster.”
  •  “Him again?”

However, fans argued that Haechan was not holding a vape but was eating snacks instead. Some were divided over the idol’s actions, with a sufficient portion of the thread having the same sentiments as the author and K-netz about smoking indoors. Here’s how they reacted:

  •  “They are so shocked by this, we don’t even know if it is a cigarette and they are already drawing conclusions, suddenly it is a candy or something else.”
  •  “Not the comments here justifying vaping indoors. if you’re one of those, you’re disgusting, and nobody like you.”
  •  “Vape and smoke if you like but have a decency to go outside. we share the air, not just you.”
  •  “It’s kinda gross since he’s around other people.”
  • “He’s apparently eating snacks.”

NCT Haechan Undergoes Hiatus Due to Health Concerns

On January 9, SM Entertainment shared an update regarding Haechan’s health status and activities with NCT 127 and NCT Dream.

NCT Haechan Dating Rumor
(Photo : Twitter – NCT 127)

According to the agency, Haechan would not be able to engage in group activities due to flu symptoms, high fever, and a severe case of tonsilitis. Prior to this announcement, the idol wasn’t able to participate in the group’s “NEO CITY: JAPAN – THE UNITY” in Nagoya.

This hiatus also resulted in Haechan’s absence at the Circle Chart Music Awards 2023 on January 10.

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