NCT Mark’s Supporters Criticized for Disrupting aespa Winter’s Photo Shoot — Details Inside

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Netizens were quick to voice their concerns and criticisms when NCT’s Mark and aespa’s Winter were seen together on a yacht, posing for a Ralph Lauren photo shoot.

As both are ambassadors for the brand and label mates, the collaboration should have been a cause for celebration among fans. However, some fans crossed the line with their behavior.

The photo shoot featured the two idols in bright and colorful outfits, perfectly matching the upcoming season’s vibes. Despite maintaining a professional distance during the shoot, the idols were working together to represent their respective groups and the brand.



Unfortunately, the positive atmosphere was marred by the actions of some of Mark’s fans. Witnesses reported hearing fans yelling and cursing as Winter approached Mark during the shoot. This behavior drew immediate criticism from netizens who were disappointed by the lack of respect shown towards the idols.

Netizens took to online forums to express their disappointment and frustration. Many commented on the inappropriateness of fans cursing at idols while they were working. Some even compared such behavior to online toxicity, highlighting the negative impact it has on the idols and their interactions with fans.

Netizens have been expressing their sentiments and commenting, with some stating:

  • “Those talking about who is better here is no different than those people cursing at them in the video.”
  • “I hate male idol fans…the idols won’t meet you because you act like that.”
  • “Why are they like that…”
  • “Aigoo…they are working…why are they acting like that.”
  • “Honestly, I can understand if the NCT members hate fans like that…there’s so much sh*t in every fandom that comes across them.”
  • “Doing that online is already enough..but doing that in real life is…”
  • “Why are they like that.”
  • “They are both there as ambassadors for work. Winter didn’t do anything wrong, and this looks bad for Mark, too. Are they in their right mind?”
  • “I like both Winter and Mark and loved seeing them together…what’s going on.”

The incident raised questions about the boundaries between fans and idols, particularly during professional engagements like photo shoots. Fans interfering with the work environment not only disrupts the process but also reflects poorly on the idols and their fandoms.

Netizens’ comments ranged from condemnation of the fans’ behavior to expressions of support for Winter and Mark. Many emphasized the need for fans to respect the idols’ privacy and professionalism, especially in public settings related to their work.

Meanwhile,NCT’s Mark recently unveiled a striking “adult” look in a photoshoot with Esquire, marking a significant departure from his earlier appearances. Fans are divided over this transformation, with some expressing excitement and others engaging in debate.

Mark’s broadened shoulders and mature demeanor have garnered praise and admiration from many, highlighting his growth over the years. An online forum post discussing his new look has sparked a lively conversation among fans, with comments ranging from affectionate to curious. Despite the mixed reactions, fans eagerly anticipate Mark’s future endeavors, recognizing his evolving presence in the K-pop industry.