NCT Taeyong, EVNNE Criticized for Using LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s Meme — Was It Such A Big Deal?

Amid popularity of LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s “dododok” meme, NCT Taeyong and rookie EVNNE raised brows for jumping on the trend.  

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Was it such a big deal?  

From NCT Taeyong to EVNNE: LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s ‘Dododok’ Meme Continues to Gain Popularity

Earlier, LE SSERAFIM Kim Chaewon went viral in South Korea and among international K-pop fans following her mistake on stage. During the group’s Seoul concert, the leader hilariously stammered over her line in the song, “Fire in the belly.”

Le Sserafim Chaewon

(Photo : twitter|@le_sserafim@)

She was supposed to say, “Fearnot, be my colleague,” when she uttered the gibberish word, “dododok” instead, before eventually giving up and turning back to continue the stage as if nothing happened. 

When the clip was shared, it turned into a huge meme and she gained the nickname, “Kim Dodok.” Even Jungkook found it funny and left comments on her video. 

As the meme continued to be used in various scenes, a dancer named MOJO introduced a new dance challenge, by creating a remixed audio that included Chaewon’s iconic line and snippets from the 2009 movie, “Wish.”

NCT Taeyong, who came across the audio then decided to do the dance challenge along with Johnny and Haechan.

Aside from dance challenges, Jellyfish Entertainment also used the iconic meme line as a caption to their rookie boy group’s teaser video, saying, “EVNNE, you are my dodok!”

NCT Taeyong, EVNNE Criticized for Using Chaewon’s Viral Meme — But Is It Really Big Deal?

Although Chaewon’s line mistake is already widely-known as a meme, NCT Taeyong and the rookie group EVNNE surprisingly received backlash for using it.

But why? 

NCT Taeyong, EVNNE Criticized for Using LE SSERAFIM Chaewon's Meme — Was It Such A Big Deal?

(Photo : Chaewon, Taeyong (Instagram))

Apparently, Taeyong is receiving mixed reactions for using the remixed audio, which some fans, especially Fearnots (fandom), finding “offensive.”

According to the female idol’s supporters, using the mistake as a meme is okay, but creating a “mocking” song and even using it for a dance challenge is another topic.

Although it is funny for international fans and even don’t think there’s anything with it, Korean netizens find it “distasteful” and “crossing the line.”

Taeyong has since deleted the video.

Amid this controversy, another artist EVNNE raised brows for using the meme line as a caption to its recent debut teasers. Fans are saying that the content is completely unrelated to the release and went on by criticizing its agency Jellyfish for using Chaewon to promote the group for free.

Some fans also want HYBE and Source to apply trademark rights to Chaewon’s line and asked people to refrain from using it outside the fandom, implying that it is “rude.”

NCT Taeyong, EVNNE Criticized for Using LE SSERAFIM Chaewon's Meme — Was It Such A Big Deal?

(Photo : EVNNE (Kpop Wiki) )

All the while, Chaewon initially hinted at being okay with her being a meme and even the idol herself found it funny.

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