NCT Taeyong Faces Massive Backlash Following His Bold Instagram Post: ‘The King of Selfishness’

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NCT Taeyong is currently facing severe criticism following an Instagram Story that many fans linked to his group’s ongoing collaboration with Starbucks.

The controversy erupted on May 30 when Taeyong, who is currently enlisted in the military, featured the word “Boycott” in his now-deleted Instagram Story.


This post quickly ignited a firestorm of reactions online, with many interpreting it as a stance against the Starbucks collaboration due to the brand’s association with ongoing boycotts in support of Palestine.

The post gained traction rapidly, with a significant portion of fans praising Taeyong for taking a stand despite the potential professional risks involved, especially given his status as an enlisted idol.

However, the response from netizens was far from unanimous.


On social media, people criticized Taeyong for what they saw as a reckless and selfish act that could harm NCT’s image and the interests of his fellow group members.

Comments ranged from disappointment to outright anger, with some accusing Taeyong of not considering the repercussions of his actions on the group’s collective image and their collaborative efforts.

NCT Taeyong
NCT Taeyong

One commenter stated:

“Would other members want to see fans leaving? They’re probably just staying quiet because of the images haha.

Ah, seriously, NCT’s image is really taking a hit.”

Another criticized him more harshly, saying:

“The leader acting like he doesn’t care about the other members, even while in the military. The king of selfishness.”

The backlash highlights the complex landscape K-pop idols navigate when engaging in social or political discourse.

While some fans laud their idols for speaking out, others expect them to maintain a neutral stance to protect their careers and the group’s interests.


Taeyong’s case is particularly challenging, as his position as the leader of NCT amplifies the impact of his actions on the group’s reputation.

This incident also underscores the delicate balance idols must strike between personal beliefs and professional responsibilities.

In the highly scrutinized world of K-pop, where idols’ every move is monitored and often dissected by both fans and detractors, the consequences of speaking out can be severe.

Taeyong’s situation reflects the broader debate within the K-pop community about the roles and responsibilities of idols in social and political issues.