NCT Taeyong’s Solo Concert Expected to ‘Flop’ for THIS Reason: ‘Can he fill its seats?’

Despite the announcement of Taeyong’s upcoming solo album and concert, netizens began doubting the idol for THIS reason.

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Here’s what people are saying.

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NCT Taeyong’s Upcoming ‘2024 TY TRACK’ Concert Receives Mixed Reactions for Ticket Costs, Idol’s Popularity

On January 25, SM Entertainment officially announced that Taeyong would be returning with a comeback scheduled for February 26. The album will be the idol’s first music release in eight months since “SHALALA,” his solo debut album in June 2023.

The agency also revealed that Taeyong would be making his first-ever solo concert “TY TRACK” on February 24 and 25. The NCT member is set to hold the two shows at the Olympic Hall, in Seoul.

NCT Taeyong's Solo Concert Expected to 'Flop' Because of THIS Reason: 'Can he fill its seats?'
(Photo : pann.nate)
NCT Taeyong's Solo Concert Expected to 'Flop' Because of THIS Reason: 'Can he fill its seats?'
(Photo : pann.nate)

1st show: February 24

2nd show: February 25


VIP (Standing): $148 USD

General (Standing): $115 USD

General (Seated): &115 USD

However, many netizens weren’t happy with the announcement.

In a forum established on the same day (January 25), netizens criticized Taeyong’s specific decision to hold a concert and called out his popularity level among the public. They were also shocked by the concert ticket prices, saying how expensive it was.

NCT Taeyong's Solo Concert Expected to 'Flop' Because of THIS Reason: 'Can he fill its seats?'
(Photo : Naver)

Some even brought up the idol’s former Chinese fansite “Taeyong Bar,” which engaged in scamming activities. International stans also expressed that SM should’ve done a fanmeeting for Taeyong instead of a solo concert. Here’s how netizens reacted:

  • “For SM, to get a solo concert, you need to be at the level of Taeyeon, Taemin, and Baekhyun right? Seriously, this is freaking nonsense.”
  • “Can Taeyong even fill up his seats? Isn’t he not a popular member? I’m not swearing at him, I just don’t know.”
  • “Even during his heydays, he got a solo even before RIIZE debuted and he started losing fans, and he still failed.”
  • “Now that they’re actually giving him a solo concert first, it’s just dumbfounding.”
  • “And his scamming Chinese bar should be the one to fill up his 200 won seats.”
  • “Not even SM Payola can save him lmao, he’s gonna flop.”
  • “The prices are too much, instead of a concert they should’ve done a fanmeeting because he doesn’t even have enough songs to hold a concert.”

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This was followed by their frustration towards Taeyong’s fans, who according to netizens, will decide to gatekeep the idol’s concert. Read their comments below:

  • “Meanwhile the Taeyong fans are saying that only Taeyong fans should come and if you’re not a Taeyong fan, you shouldn’t go.”
  • “They should be thankful that other members even come to watch him. Because of him, they can only do Asian tours, this is so annoying.”
  • “If there are other groups’ fans who are thinking of going, don’t go.”
  • “Taeyong fans will all be there so they might start beating you up, even if you have the best intentions, you’ll get hated on.”

What are your thoughts on this? Are you looking forward to Taeyong’s album and concert? Let us know in the comments below!

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