NCT’s Doyoung faces internal conflict in front of his favorite tteokbokki shop (I Live Alone)

On June 14th at 11:10 PM, MBC’s “I Live Alone” will reveal the daily life of NCT’s Doyoung, who returns after two months.

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Doyoung starts his day by filling his stomach with health foods such as maple water and bamboo salt, showcasing his dedication to health management. He even chews on a ginseng root sent by his aunt to boost his energy.

nct doyoung

Doyoung then prepares his shopping basket and visits the local market. Expectations are high for the birth of the next “Market Prince”, following in the footsteps of Lee Jang-woo, Kim Dae-ho and SHINee’s Key. Doyoung is showered with compliments from the market ladies, who exclaim “He’s so handsome!“, causing him to blush. His shy reaction, with an awkward smile and a search for a hiding place, promises to bring laughter.

nct doyoung

Additionally, Doyoung is spotted lingering in front of his favorite tteokbokki shop after finishing his shopping. Following his previous appearance on “I Live Alone”, the shop gained fame with the creation of a “NCT Doyoung Set” menu, attracting fan visits. Doyoung gazes emotionally at the shop, admitting “It’s so embarrassing…” but finds it hard to leave. As he mutters to himself “Should I run away? Should I?“, Doyoung’s internal struggle raises curiosity about his ultimate decision.

Meanwhile, Doyoung will also be shown making ham rice balls and fried eggplant at home. Known for his impressive cooking skills from previous episodes, Doyoung takes on the challenge of frying eggplant using a method he learned on SNS. While he’s cooking, someone enters his house by pressing the security code. The identity of this person, who has access to his home, will be revealed in the broadcast.