NCT’s fandom sent protest truck in front of SM headquarters

NCT’s fandom sent protest truck in front of SM headquarters

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“SM, who neglected the malicious comments targeted at NCT for years, is an even bigger perpetrator. Sue them without any mediation and put out statements.”

“Improve the protection of your artists. Lawsuits without any mediation. Quick and accurate statements.”

“The malicious rumors targeted at NCT is getting more severe, but KWANGYA119 is so useless. When are you going to protect your artists? We don’t need copy-and-paste statements. We want to know the detailed status updates.”

The statement was posted yesterday


It seems the truck was prepared before the statement was made

1. Nowadays, it seems like small agencies are better than big agencies

2. There’s no evidence so it’s hard to believe it’s true

3. Please protect not only NCT ​​but also SM artists

4. Fans’ reaction speed is faster than SM

5. I was really worried about the kids’ mental state when watching this video yesterday… Please be kind to the artists

6. Please protect the kids ㅜㅜㅜ

7. There are a lot of ridiculous rumors about NCT so please sue them and don’t be lenient ㅠㅠㅠ

8. Why was Kim Heechul included in NCT’s announcement? What are rumors??

9. I’ve felt this for a long time but it seems like SM really doesn’t care about protecting artists

10. Shouldn’t those Japanese girls also be sued?

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