NCT’s Haechan Rumored to be Dating “Kbiz nightmare” Han Seo-hee?

On the morning of June 3, the idol NCT’s Haechan and “Kbiz nightmare” Han Seo-hee became the center of attention as dating rumors of the two arose. The suspicion about the two being in a romantic relationship stemmed from a series of pet photos shared by Han Seo-hee on social media.

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Specifically, Han Seo-hee recently posted pictures of two dogs on her personal page. Immediately, netizens noticed that the Pomeranian dog in Han Seo-hee’s photo closely resembled Haechan’s pet. Furthermore, netizens also discovered that Han Seo-hee’s phone wallpaper was a picture of NCT’s Jaehyun. This raised suspicions among the audience about the relationship between Han Seo-hee, Haechan, and other NCT members.

haechan-han seo hee-dog
“Detectives” have noticed that the dog in Han Seo-hee’s photo looks similar to Haechan’s pet.
jaehyun han seo hee
Additionally, Han Seo-hee’s phone wallpaper is a picture of NCT’s Jaehyun

So far, the dating rumors involving Haechan and Han Seo-hee have caused a stir online. The audience vehemently opposes this relationship due to Han Seo-hee’s scandalous past involving jail time and drug use. Netizens are concerned that Haechan and the other NCT members’ reputations and careers might be severely affected by any association with Han Seo-hee.

However, some viewers believe that the aforementioned evidence is not sufficient to conclude that Haechan and Han Seo-hee are dating. According to netizens, it’s possible that Han Seo-hee is just a fan of NCT, as her personal account follows Jaehyun, Taeyong, Haechan, and other members of the K-pop group.

Additionally, Han Seo-hee had a record of making up dating rumors in the past with fake screenshots, which led to her being sued by Ahn Hyo-seob. 

Currently, SM Entertainment, the management company of NCT, has yet to comment on the dating rumors between Haechan and Han Seo-hee.

haechan-han seo hee
The authenticity of the relationship between Haechan and Han Seo-hee remains unclear,

On the other hand, Han Seo-hee has long been considered a “Kbiz nightmare.” She has exposed the private lives of many artists such as former BIGBANG T.O.P, former Monsta X’s Wonho and Monsta X’s Shownu. Additionally, Han Seo-hee has served a prison sentence for drug use. She also had a tumultuous relationship with T.O.P.

Meanwhile, Haechan was previously rumored to be dating Ryujin (ITZY) in 2022 but did not comment on the romantic speculation.

Source: K14, Pann Nate