NCT’s Jaehyun’s Appearance at Music Festival Sparks Controversy

Recently, NCT’s Jaehyun was spotted attending the Jazz Seoul music festival. Afterwards, various videos capturing the male idol started to spread on SNS platforms, sparking a controversy. 

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In particular, one of the videos revealed that people surrounded Jaehyun at the festival to film him, not paying attention to the performance. Jaehyun himself even told people to focus on the show, but the filming continued, leaving the male idol unable to enjoy himself due to various camera lenses directing at him. 

Videos showing people filming Jaehyun instead of watching the performance drew millions of views 

As a result, many netizens express frustration at the people filming Jaehyun, showing discontent that they continued to bother the male idol despite his request. 

nct jaehyun

Videos capturing the moment have attracted massive attention, with the highest reaching around 2 million views. Under the comment sections and in quote retweets, however, most netizens leave scathing comments, and below are some of these comments: 

  • It must be really annoying for Jaehyun. He couldn’t even watch the festival in peace 
  • All the phones shoved at his face… Jaehyun must have felt uncomfortable as hell 
  • This is disrespectful to both Jaehyun and the performers on stage 
  • Imagine having to endure the cameras for over 2 hours while just trying to enjoy yourself 
  • They didn’t listen at all when he told him to stop…

Source: K14