NCT’s Jaemin Also Indoor Smoked?

A netizen in Nate Pann shared some gifs from an old video of NCT and claimed that Jaemin was smoking indoors. They said, “I can see the smoke coming out right next to his ear”.

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In response, other netizens commented:

  • It was during winter, and wasn’t it the reflection of the ring?
  • The part that looked like smoke was actually the refection of the hair color of someone in the front
  • Someone already refuted it here so don’t talk about it againㅋㅋ The scene was not even edited out
  • Did he put his hand inside his pocket before that scene? How could he put his hand with a cigarette in the pocket? He would have burned his pants
  • It doesn’t look like Jaemin was smoking indoors. In the second gif, he put his hand in the pocket and then took it out. It can’t be a lit cigarette. If he were really smoking, his fingers wouldn’t have been spreading out like that. I think he was just scratching his nose 

Source: Nate Pann