NCT’s Jungwoo Fans Shut Down False Club Rumors

Loyal fans of NCT have once again stepped up to defend a member from unfounded rumors. This time, Jungwoo finds himself the target of accusations originating from Chinese social media.

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Earlier this week, Johnny and Haechan faced rumors of sleeping with fans and doing drugs. Now, an anonymous user from China claimed Jungwoo visited a club and “hung out with girls” in May.

nct jungwoo

However, NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) wasted no time debunking the claims. They quickly identified the photos used as evidence. They were actually taken after a DJ PEE .WEE (Anderson .Paak) show at a Seoul live venue, not a club.

Fans further clarified that Jungwoo wasn’t alone. The woman in the pictures is fellow artist Moon Sujin, and another male friend was also present.

This incident sparked outrage among Korean netizens who commented on the absurdity of the accusations. Many expressed concern over the growing problem of “sasaeng” fans – obsessive fans who engage in stalking and harassment.

Here’s a glimpse of what netizens had to say:

  • “Why do people fall for stories fabricated by sasaengs?”
  • “This is just a Haechan fan lashing out with false rumors.”
  • “NCT 127 seems to be a constant target for crazy sasaengs this year.”
  • “Being an idol must be so disheartening. The lies people spread to bring them down…”
  • “These delusional sasaengs are scary. They won’t stop until someone gets seriously hurt.”
  • “Fans making up ridiculous rumors about idols is becoming way too common.”