Nectar 1st Win: THE BOYZ Leads the Competition on MBC Show Champion, More Details Inside

Under the prestigious label IST Entertainment, THE BOYZ have achieved yet another milestone in their illustrious career by clinching the coveted Nectar 1st Win at Show Champion on March 27, 2024. This remarkable triumph comes hot on the heels of their highly anticipated comeback with the release of their 2nd Album, [PHANTASY] Pt. 3 Love Letter, on March 18, 2024, with the eponymous title track leading the charge.

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Today’s victory not only solidifies THE BOYZ’s position as a dominant force in the K-pop scene but also marks a significant milestone as it represents their 26th overall win since their debut in 2017. Each win serves as a testament to the group’s unwavering dedication, talent, and the immense support of their devoted fanbase, propelling them further into the spotlight of the global music industry.

Several other K-pop group songs vied for coveted positions within the Top 5. Among them were (G)I-DLE’s captivating track Fate, THE NEW SIX’s fiery anthem FUEGO, n.SSign’s groove-inducing FUNK JAM, and DAY6’s dynamic duo Welcome to the Show and Nectar, which claimed the prestigious title of this week’s ‘Champion Song’. Additionally, THE BOYZ’s latest album boasts three remarkable tracks, including the emotionally charged Hurt Me Less, the heartfelt Dear., and the eponymous title track securing a prominent spot on the list.

Performances for today’s broadcast, were dealt out by PURPLE KISS,THE NEW SIX, TEMPEST, BAE173, LUN8, n.SSing, Jung Dong-ha, HANEUM, Young Posse, Nomad, M.O.N.T, HORI7ON and  Fishingirls.

The fourth-generation K-pop phenomenon emerged onto the scene with an electrifying debut on December 6, 2017, unleashing their highly anticipated EP titled The First. Led by the irresistible single Boy, this debut marked the beginning of a musical odyssey that would resonate deeply with fans around the world. Since their debut, THE BOYZ have been embraced by their loyal fanbase, affectionately dubbed The Bs, who tirelessly champion their favorite artists. As they continue to conquer milestones in their career, from chart-topping successes to prestigious awards, The Bs remain an integral part of the journey, fueling celebrations and rallying behind their beloved idols with trending hashtags like #Nectar1stWin and #THEBOYZ26thWin.

With each achievement, THE BOYZ and their dedicated fanbase further solidify their status as icons within the K-pop landscape. Their magnetic performances and infectious music continue to captivate audiences, transcending borders and uniting fans from diverse backgrounds. Together, The Boyz and The Bs exemplify the symbiotic relationship between artists and their supporters, showcasing the enduring power of music to inspire, unite, and uplift communities across the globe.

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Congratulations THE BOYZ! Listen to their latest albums and songs on Spotify and other music platform.

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