Neglected child on ‘My Golden Child’ rings the hearts of viewers

Article: The sad reaction 4-year-old ‘My Golden Child’ to parents promising to play with him now

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+542] It’s sad that these parents only realized after going on TV that they need to play with their child, and it’s sad that their child is touched by even just that… The only thing these parents need to worry about is their own mouths and the way they cut down their own kid like that

[+503] All children deserve to be loved

[+259] This clip has been going viral around TikTok and has become a huge controversy internationally. A lot of foreigner TikTokers have been posting videos of themselves crying in reaction to seeing this child and wanting to adopt him. Sigh ㅠㅠ

– [+15] I really do wish he could be given to parents who really want to love and cherish him

[+158] His parents need to wake up if they don’t want him to grow up to become a complete stranger to them once he realizes that he can’t expect anything from his parents ever. They better not dare utter a word saying, “How can you do this to me when I raised you.”

[+120] I was already shocked over the episode and then even more shocked when the parents discussed wanting a third baby

[+112] The baby is so round and cute, I don’t know how anyone could not be more affectionate towards him

[+93] I got goosebumps when his parents were talking over drinks about wanting a third baby, ugh

[+99] People seriously need to use protection if they’re not capable of loving their children

[+52] Seeing him made me think he’d probably have a happier life as an orphan

[+12] Not all working moms aer this negligent. A lot live their lives in guilt over not being able to do more for their children. Also, work has nothing to do with how the family was so obviously focused on the second baby and completely ignoring the first when they were all home together.

[+19] I noticed the mom was already gaslighting the kid. Instead of just apologizing, she was giving him all sorts of excuses about how she was busy working and justifying her absence. 

[+17] I really wish kids could pick the parents they’re born to

[+12] My heart broke so hard for this child.. I had to grasp my chest and take deep breaths while watching. I hope this truly is a moment for reflection for all the parents. Child, I wish you happiness!!