Netflix Announces “Cashero” Top-Billed By Lee Jun Ho and Kim Hye Jun

Featuring down-to-earth superheroes set to transform the genre, Cashero is all set to make its sweeping presence!

Netflix greenlights Cashero, a series that redefines the superhero genre with a realistic twist. This series, inspired by the widely acclaimed webtoon of the same name, chronicles the life of Kang Sang-woong, an ordinary man whose superpowers grow with his financial means. The series uniquely combines heroism with a candid exploration of socio-economic challenges, engaging audiences with its inventive plot and relatable characters.

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Global star Lee Jun Ho  (King the LandThe Red Sleeve) takes on the role of Sang-woong, a former civil servant whose new powers are tied to his wealth, adding a layer of complexity to his dream of a better life. His transformation into this relatable hero is highly anticipated by fans.

Kim Hye-jun (KingdomInspector KooConnectA Shop for Killers) plays Min-sook, Sang-woong’s analytical girlfriend who evaluates the feasibility of his superpowered endeavors, providing steadfast support despite her reservations about his self-funded heroics.

In a dual showcase of talent, Kim Byung Chul (Doctor Cha) portrays Byun Ho-in, a lawyer whose superpower emerges from alcohol consumption and who leads the Korean Superhero Association. He enlists Sang-woong to fight against a secretive anti-superhero coalition.

Alongside them is Kim Hyang Gi (Poong: The Joseon Psychiatrist) as Bang Eun-mi, whose powers activate with calorie intake. Known as Bbang-mi, she is fearless and occasionally blunt, proving to be an invaluable ally in their mission.

Directed by Lee Chang-min (AgencyWelcome to Waikiki) and written by Lee Jane and Jeon Chan-ho (Sisyphus: The Myth), Cashero is set to captivate Netflix audiences with its fresh take on superhero dynamics and down-to-earth characters.

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