Netflix Drops ‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 Release Date + Hints at the Epic Sequel

“Sweet Home” Season 3 release date has just been announced! 

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Sweet Home Season 3
“Sweet Home” Season 3

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the K-drama immediately became a huge hit after its premiere in 2020, featuring how the virus spreads like wildfire, causing havoc among humans. 

In Season 1, high school loner Cha Hyun Soo (Song Kang) moves to a new apartment after his parents died in a vehicular accident.

Unfortunately, his life faces yet another tribulation after the apartment he moved into experiences strange incidents. Here, the survivors witness how people turn into monsters.

In Season 2, as the monsters invade the Earth, humans struggle to survive as the virus starts to spread. 

In addition, monsters are now evolving, with some even gaining unique abilities, making it hard for humans to eradicate them.

After two successful seasons and months of waiting, the viewers will finally get to watch the finale of the apocalyptic horror K-drama. 

In addition to this, Netflix also announced its amazing cast lineup. 

‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 Releases Intriguing Teaser: ‘The End of All Evolution’

On Netflix’s official platforms, the streaming giant teased viewers with a “Sweet Home” Season 3 poster showcasing Song Kang’s character as Cha Hyun Soo. 

Sweet Home Season 3
(Photo : Netflix)

Hinting at “the end of all evolution,” the third season highlights the thin line between humans and monsters. 

The upcoming sequel will also focus on the peak of the monsterization saga, showcasing how humanity attempts to survive neohumans while on the verge of annihilation. 

The teaser also comes with the text:

“A world that has welcomed the end of monster painting and the beginning of a new humanity, the last battle of those placed on the ambiguous border between monsters and humans.”

‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 Release Date Annouced, Introduces Cast

With fans expressing their excitement to watch the third installment, Netflix announced that the “Sweet Home” Season 3 release date is set for July 19. 

Sweet Home Season 2
(Photo : Netflix)

Initially, the series was expected to debut in Q2 of 2024, particularly in June, but was pushed back to a later month. 

On top of it, the confirmed cast includes Lee Jin Wook, Oh Jung Se, Lee Si Young, Kim Si Ah, Go Min Si, Jung Jin Young, Yoo Oh Sung, Kim Moo Yeol, and, of course, Song Kang. 

In addition to this, Lee Do Hyun will return as he reprises his role as Lee Eun Hyuk, who was born with a complete body from a mysterious cocoon. 

As for the remaining cast members, “Sweet Home” Season 3 director previously mentioned that Park Gyu Young’s character Yoon Ji Su will not return after dying in Season 2.