Netflix Drops the First Trailer for ‘The 8 Show’ Featuring the Star-Studded Cast

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Netflix continues to deliver thrilling K-dramas, and one of the most highly anticipated is “The 8 Show.”

Along with a star-studded cast, the webcomics-based K-drama promises an intense and strange type of game show that will surely keep viewers hooked with every episode.

Netflix Unveils the First Trailer for ‘The 8 Show’

The streaming giant dropped the first look at the upcoming K-drama “The 8 Show,” featuring an intriguing trailer showcasing the cast.


Headlined by Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Jung Min, Chun Woo Hee, Lee Yul Eum, Lee Joo Young, Park Hae Jun, Moon Jeong Hee, and Bae Seong Woo, the drama hints that “an irresistible but brutal show’s curtain will be rising.”

As seen on the trailer, it starts with a voiceover welcoming the eight participants in the show.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been waiting a long time. Now, you will be seeing something that you have never seen anywhere before.” This sparks excitement and anticipation of how the story will unfold.

If you love “Squid Game,” chances are “The 8 Show” will keep you on the edge of your seat as the thriller mystery series introduces a reality-like TV show called “Money Game.”

The game is also about survival, with eight participants competing against each other.

The catch here is that the contestants need to stay inside the studio built with concrete walls and have to survive the challenges for 100 days.

The winner will get to take home a whopping 44.8 billion KRW, or around 32,719,600 USD.

Unlike other survival games, the eight participants will have to pay for their own necessities, such as food, electricity, water, and more, which are valued at 1,000 times more than normal prices.

This will be deducted from their winning prize, which means that the more food that they spend, the lesser the cash prize will be.

‘The 8 Show’ Release Date and Where to Watch?

The 8 Show
(Photo : Netflix)

As mentioned, it is based on the webcomic “Money Game,” written by Bae Jin Soo, who also created “Pie Game.”

The upcoming K-drama is directed and penned by Han Jae Rim of the award-winning movie “Emergency Declaration.”

Following the first trailer, Netflix also revealed the scheduled premiere date of the upcoming series.

Viewers will get to see “The 8 Show” on May 17 exclusively on Netflix.

The streaming giant will release the whole season with a total of 8 episodes, which means that there will be no waiting game for fans to see the next episode.