Netflix New Series Takes The Viewers To 1980s Korean Film Industry

Netflix has confirmed the production of its upcoming series Aema and unveiled the casting of Lee Hanee, Bang Hyo Rin, Jin Sun Kyu, and Cho Hyun Chul.

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Aema is a Netflix series that follows the struggles of Hui-ran and Joo-ae in the process of creating the film Madame Aema, a sensational hit that swept Korea during the early 1980s. It is a fictional comedy set in 80s Chungmuro, the heart of the Korean film industry, revealing the harsh realities of actors behind the glitzy veneer of show business.

Hanee Lee plays Jeong Hui-ran, hailed as the best actress of her generation but was removed from the lead role in the new film Madame Aema due to her dispute with the production studio. Having captivated audiences with her charismatic and effortlessly hilarious performances in Killing Romance, The Fiery Priest, and Extreme Job, Hanee Lee is poised to pull off yet another perfect transformation as Hui-ran, an actress who may be unfriendly to everyone but is unafraid to speak her mind about what is right or wrong.

Meanwhile, the up-and-coming actress Shin Joo-ae, cast as the new lead of Madame Aema, is played by Bang Hyo Rin, who has made her presence known in short films with her unparalleled aura and portrayal of intense emotions. Joo-ae, a nightclub dancer aspiring to become an actress, suddenly finds herself chosen as the new star of the most anticipated film in Korea, Madame Aema. Rising star Bang Hyo-rin promises to breathe exciting tension and dynamism into the story as Joo-ae, armed with her distinct look, passion for acting, and unfazed confidence.

Producer Gu Jung-ho is portrayed by actor Jin Sun-kyu, celebrated for his ability to alternate between good and evil in his roles in Count, Confidential Assignment 2: International, Space Sweepers, The Outlaws, The Uncanny Counter Season 2: Counter Punch, and Bargain. Jung-ho is a producer who would stop at nothing to survive in the competitive film scene in Chungmuro, adding dimensions to the narrative by holding a large-scale audition and replacing Hui-ran with a rookie actress for the lead role of Madame Aema to rein in the uncontrollable Hui-ran.

Having left a lasting impression on viewers with his performances in the Netflix series D.P. as well as Hotel del Luna, Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission, and Samjin Company English Class, actor Cho Hyun-chul returns as Kwak In-woo, the timid aspiring director about to make his directorial debut with Madame Aema. Cho Hyun-chul adds dynamic energy to the overall story with his impeccable portrayal of In-woo, who is torn between a multitude of choices.

Aema is written and directed by director Lee Hae-young of Believer, Phantom, and Like a Virgin. Having seized the hearts of audiences with unique premises for stories and fascinating characters across various genres, Lee Hae-young will invite Netflix viewers around the world to Chungmuro, the heart of Korean cinema during the 1980s.

Adding to the anticipation for the series is its production studio, The LAMP, whose projects based on true stories have been beloved by audiences and critics alike, including Taxi Driver, Mal-Mo-E: The Secret Mission, and Samjin Company English Class.

Amping up anticipation with the announcement of the production and cast, Aema will be released exclusively on Netflix in 190 countries around the world.

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