Netflix releases trailer for Suzy’s new romance drama ‘Doona!’

Video: Lee Doona! teaser trailer on Netflix

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Source: Netflix Korea via YouTube

[+717] Ahh, this is crazy. Finally we’re getting ‘Doona!’ ㅠㅠ impressed with both Wonjoon and Lee Doona, the casting is so perfect… now we have one month to go, everyone!!

[+562] Despite how short the trailer is, Suzy’s crazy beauty has managed to captivate me. I rarely watch melodramas but I’m keeping dates written down for this ㅋㅋ so curious to see how Suzy brings Lee Doona to life

[+439] Only a real celebrity could’ve pulled off a character like Lee Doona, and Suzy’s so perfect for it

[+221] Suzy has an impeccable eye for picking dramas. Lee Doona is once again… perfect for her. 

[+178] Suzy is so good at playing this type of character, the one that always seems to toe the line while seducing you. She’s always had such a strong innocent + pure vibe so I wasn’t sure if she could pull this off but I’m already excited with what I’ve seen.

[+109] And Suzy’s casting is crazy good…

[+145] My heart stopped when Suzy said “don’t you fall for me~” !!! 😍😍

[+99] How could I miss the Yang Sejong and Suzy chemistry, this is a must watch

[+91] Yang Se Jong is finally back ❤️ I hope this becomes his second ‘Temperature of Love’ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ loving this combo of Suzy + Yang Se Jong + director Lee Jung Hyo-nim

[+72] There can’t be a more perfect casting than this ^^

[+46] Suzy’s acting has been so good, I don’t know when that started. She really surprised me with ‘Anna,’ complete vibe change and all

[+48] The casting for Lee Doona is too perfect, no? ㅠㅠ it’s like Lee Doona has come to life off the page