Netflix’s Film “Believer 2” With More Intense Action Scenes To Release On Nov 17th

Netflix confirmed “Believer 2” premiere in November through a teaser poster and teaser trailer

“Believer 2” is the follow-up movie to “Believer”, which attracted 5.2 million viewers and was greatly loved for its intense story, thrilling action scenes and sensual mise-en-scene. This is a crime action film about a war between Won-ho (Cho Jin-woong), a detective who is still chasing Lee, and Rak (Oh Seung-hoon), who is still missing, after their blood fight at Yongsan Station, as well as Brian (Cha Seung-won), who reappears in front of them and Keunkal (Han Hyo-joo), who returns from China to deal with the situation.

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Believer 2

The teaser poster released recently drew attention as it shows the image of two arms holding black and white guns pointing at each other, stimulating viewers’ curiosity about the people who hold the guns and their emotions. The title “Believer 2” was made by adding number 2 written in red on the 2018 film’s original title “Believer”.

The teaser trailer released at the same time shows a shot echoing over the tranquil snowfield. As the copy of ‘Sewwon’s Funfire D-30’ appears, various events are quickly shown in rewind with the intriguing caption “Uncover what happened” and Won-ho’s line “The case is far from over”, raising expectations for “Believer 2”, which will depicts the story that happened between Yongsan Station in “Believer” and the snowfield in Norway.

Various shooting scenes, car actions, and action sequences using various weapons, such as knives, golf clubs, and bombs, in the trailer herald the birth of an even more powerful crime action film. 

Believer 2

In addition, fans are already looking forward to the passionate acting performances and strong presence of Cho Jin-woong, Cha Seung-won, Han Hyo-joo, and Oh Seung-hoon as detective Won-ho, who believes in Lee’s existence and continues his dangerous investigation, Brian, who seems to be making a new plan with cold eyes, Keunkal, whose identity is still unknown, and Rak with a determined look. Following the previous movie, Kim Dong-young and Lee Joo-young, who play famer siblings and experts in manufacturing Laica, also return. 

“Believer 2” is the second production chosen by director Baek Jong-yul, who has been active in the advertising, design, and film industries. It was produced by Yong Film, which has proved their excellent planning power through works, such as “The Call”, “Luck Key”, “Beauty Inside” and “The Handmaiden”. “Believer 2” will be released by Netflix on November 17th.

Source: Daum