Netflix’s Subtitle Error in ‘The 8 Show’ Sparks Outrage: ‘Very Disrespectful!’

In a recent mishap that caught the attention of viewers worldwide, Netflix’s original series “The 8 Show” stumbled upon controversy due to an error in its subtitles.

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The streaming giant found itself in hot water after it was discovered that the East Sea was erroneously labeled as the “Sea of Japan” in some subtitle translations.

The mistake, which occurred during a pivotal scene featuring actor Ryu Jun Yeol singing the Korean national anthem, sparked immediate backlash online.

The 8 Show
The 8 Show
(Photo : theqoo)

Viewers were quick to point out the egregious error, expressing their disbelief and frustration on various social media platforms.

A Netflix representative promptly addressed the issue, acknowledging the oversight and assuring concerned audiences that corrective measures were underway.

“We confirmed that the East Sea was written as ‘Sea of Japan’ in some subtitles. We are currently in the process of correcting the subtitles. We ask for your continued support and feedback.”

However, the damage was already done, with many expressing outrage over the careless mistake, particularly given the sensitive nature of the scene involving the national anthem.

Professor Seo Kyung Deok of Sungshin Woman’s University voiced his concerns, emphasizing the historical significance of referring to the body of water as the “East Sea” and urging Netflix to rectify the error promptly.

“I found out about this after netizens reported it to me, I immediately sent a protest email as Netflix is a platform with global influence. The sea between Korea and Japan has been called the ‘East Sea’ since 2,000 years ago. I urge you to make the correction ASAP so that international viewers will not misunderstand.”

Netizens also weighed in on the debacle, expressing their disbelief and disappointment at the oversight.

Comments flooded online forums, with many questioning how such a glaring mistake could have occurred, particularly during a scene as significant as the national anthem.

  • “I became a Japanese citizen without even knowing it,”
  • “How could they get it’s the national anthem.”
  • “I didn’t know because I didn’t watch it, but that part was during the national anthem?? And they wrote ‘Sea of Japan’ instead of the ‘East Sea’? Crazy..glad I didn’t watch the show.”
  • “The Sea of Japan and Mount Baek? Wow reality check…the state of the country.”
  • “Wow crazy…during the part for the national anthem too…”
  • “I feel like they did this on purpose….why would do that for the national anthem lyrics…”
  • “Crazy…they did during the national anthem part?

As Netflix works to rectify the issue and regain the trust of its audience, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of accurate and culturally sensitive translations in global media.

Whether this blunder was a mere oversight or a symptom of deeper issues within the localization process remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the scrutiny over subtitles has never been more intense.