Netflix’s ‘The 8 Show’ Tops Non-English Series Charts in 68 Countries

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In a remarkable achievement for Korean television, the gripping series “The 8 Show” has skyrocketed to the top of Netflix’s Global Top 10 rankings, securing the coveted No. 1 spot in 68 countries.

The news comes as a testament to the show’s universal appeal and its ability to captivate audiences around the world with its thrilling storyline and compelling characters.

“The 8 Show” has become a sensation on the streaming platform, garnering widespread acclaim and generating buzz across various international markets.

Its success marks a significant milestone for Korean content on the global stage, reaffirming the industry’s growing influence and popularity beyond domestic borders.

The series, directed by Han Jae-rim, follows the story of eight individuals trapped in a mysterious space divided into eight floors.

As they navigate the perilous challenges of their confinement, they must contend with the allure of accumulating wealth amidst the looming dangers that surround them.

With each passing moment, the stakes rise higher, testing the limits of their endurance and resilience.

Since its release, “The 8 Show” has struck a chord with audiences worldwide, resonating with viewers across cultural boundaries.

Unique premise and gripping narrative have earned praise from critics and viewers alike, propelling it to the top of Netflix’s Global Top 10 Series (Non-English) category.

Director Han Jae-rim expressed his delight at the overwhelming response to the series.

“I am thrilled with the attention that ‘The 8 Show’ has received from viewers around the world.”

-Director Han Jae-rim

He attributed the show’s success to its talented cast and crew, whose dedication and creativity brought the story to life on screen.

The achievement is particularly noteworthy as “The 8 Show” marks Han Jae-rim’s debut as a series director, signaling a promising start to his career in television.

With its widespread acclaim and growing popularity, the series has cemented its place as a must-watch title for audiences craving suspenseful drama and captivating storytelling.

As “The 8 Show” continues to gain momentum on Netflix, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the thrilling saga.

With its gripping storyline and talented ensemble cast, the series shows no signs of slowing down, promising audiences more twists, turns, and suspenseful moments in the episodes to come.