Netizens are criticizing Kwon Eunbi’s coordi for her provocative outfits

Article: Netizens are protesting for Kwon Eunbi’s coordi to be changed out, “Uncomfortable with the level of Kwon Eunbi’s exposure”

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Source: Insight via Instagram

[+147] You mean ‘a select minority of feminist Twitter users’ 

[+99] Honestly, even as a man, I’ll admit that Kwon Eunbi’s outfits definitely seem intentional for the male gaze. There’s no point in trying to turn this into a gender war by saying it’s only women who are mad about her outfits. You can’t deny that she shot to fame with her water bomb looks and her concept is stuck in what it is now and I can’t fault her for wanting to cash in while the attention on her is hot. Though I will admit that it’s a bit disappointing for me to see her gain her fame for her body and not for her character.

[+86] I think with a body like that, you could dress her in anything and she’d still look sexy. She’s finally seeing some fame, why try and take her down for it? I just can’t believe it’s taken this long for her to see the spotlight.

[+53] People getting triggered again

[+48] If her outfits make you uncomfortable, then don’t look

[+24] The skin exposure is not even that bad. It’s just that her body is that curvy. Sunmi dresses in way more provocative outfits and I’ve seen plenty of idols dressed in crop tops like this. Just because she has a larger chest that attracts more attention shouldn’t be her fault. 

[+15] People are just jealous… no one would say a word if she was flat chested and dressed this way

[+8] It’s not that she’s showing “too much” skin, it’s that her body is amazing so anything she wears looks over the top. Plenty of girl groups wear crop tops or spaghetti straps but none of them get into controversies like this, which makes you see what the real underlying issue is here. 

[+7] These people love supporting Cardi B or Whasa but get mad when it’s Kwon Eunbi dressed the same way

[+2] She wants to show it off, why are other women so mad about it? Why are you suppressing her freedom of expression ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+-] She shot to fame off of her water bomb looks so I think that’s why her coordi keeps dressing her this way. It doesn’t really matter as long as people don’t get too pervy in the comments.

[+-] She’s been trapped as an unknown idol before finally being set free at 30 yerars old, let her be, sigh

[+-] She’s playing the last card that she has, the sexy concept