Netizens are shocked by idol fans gathering at the airport looking like zombies

Idol fans gathered at the airport looking like zombies

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1. Wow… looking at the picture makes me go crazy

2. It’s disgusting… Are they fans…?

3. They were busy taking pictures with their phone cameras even when their idol fell. They are idiots

4. I really don’t know why they went to the airport

5. As expected, this industry is sustained by crazy people

6. It’s scary ㅠㅠ

7. It looks so dangerous

8. What were you trying to do when you took that photo?? You will see it on your phone every day.

9. It’s a bunch of zombies

10. I don’t know who it is but I feel bad for that idol

11. Creepy… Seriously, why do they live like that?

12. Korean airports are also so chaotic these days. I really hope the security guards will push them away when they get close

13. It’s like a zombie apocalypse

14. They really look like zombies

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