Netizens beg Han So Hee to get off her phone

Article: Why is Han So Hee so mad… an inconsiderate statement that is even putting Ryu Jun Yeol in hot waters

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Source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+306, -2] Why is she mad? Because she’s losing all her CFs, the public doesn’t like her, she knows all her articles are getting hate comments, and it’s all driving her temper out of control. Or maybe she got into a fight with Ryu Jun Yeol.

[+231, -5] Where’s her clarification on lying about getting into a French college!!! Give us an explanation on that ㅎㅎ It’s obvious she’s the type of personality that always needs to get the last word in so I don’t know why she’s keeping silent on that.. ㅎ

[+155, -1] What a temper on her, tsk tsk. No one cares about you two dating, please leave us alone ㅋㅋ

[+139, -4] Hyeri dated him for 8 years… Hyeri has every right to feel the way she does about her ex moving on after four months. 

Article: Han So Hee, the worst statement you could ever release… please learn how to love in a healthier manner

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

[+561, -11] She really needs to learn to have consideration for others.. you’re not the only person living in this world..

[+391, -14] Still no explanation on her lying about getting into a French college ㅋ it’s obvious she has her own issues with her relationship given how much she’s getting triggered over the word ‘transit’ all the time

[+197, -4] She is being inconsiderate to every party involved

[+144, -1] So Hee-ya, you can just leave SNS and turn your phone off if you don’t want to feel hurt. What is everyone around her doing and not holding her away?

[+45, -1] Even a love fated for a 1,000 years would cool off after seeing her act like this

[+41, -0] You’re really doing all this over a guy you’ve been dating for four months??

[+36, -2] Nah, Ryu Jun Yeol is 100% transit. That’s why he’s staying quiet, he knows he has no excuses. He refuses to clarify when exactly they broke up in case Hyeri refutes it~

[+35, -0] There’s no way she has a healthy relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol right now considering how hung up she is over his ex.

Article: Han So Hee, begging to become Ryu Jun Yeol’s ambassador

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

[+500, -8] Seeing how easily her mental and image have crumbled over this, it’s clear she was never meant to be a top star. She’ll be forgotten in a few years time.

[+343, -7] Kim Sae Ron and Han So Hee should make friends with each other

[+239, -3] She turned a scandal that could’ve been a funny little laugh into something that’s popcorn worthy ㅋㅋㅋ 

[+234, -2] Han So Hee, the protector of uglies~~

[+193, -2] Ryu Jun Yeol really avoided a bigger scandal for himself by picking Han So Hee of all new girlfriends. Now everyone’s feeling bad for him for digging his own grave by dating someone like her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+34, -0] This is fun, indeed

[+26, -1] At this point, even Ryu seems like he’s caught in something he can’t get out of

[+26, -0] Another opportunity for us to all realize that silence is gold

Article: Han So Hee, even her fans are shaking their heads at her behavior… please put down your phone and take a break

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

[+375, -6] She keeps posting as if she’s so smart but everything about her behavior just shows how utterly stupid she is. His ex of 8 years has stayed quiet all this time, so who does she think she is to be determining their timeline like this? So ridiculously hilarious. 

[+239, -0] There’s no coming back from this for her..

[+221, -1] If she wants respect for her own relationship, she needs to learn to respect another person’s 8 years spent as well. You are the third party and have no right to be saying anything about what happened between them.

[+188, -0] She’s barbaric. Has no idea of where she needs to stick her nose in or stay out of, has no respect for seniors or juniors. She’s just pushing forward with nothing but her brute stubbornness, and even her fans are realizing that this is not shieldable.

[+172, -0] Losing that soju CF must’ve really shaken her up…;;

[+16, -0] Please go to the hospital

[+14, -0] Are they even still together right now? Because there’s no way that a man who’s choosing to stay quiet all this time is still in love with someone who behaves like this

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+3,696] From Hyeri’s perspective, I can totally see why she would find Ryu Jun Yeol’s behavior “fun.” But who is Han So Hee to be taking offense to that?

[+2,53] So Hee-ya, enough’s enough

[+891] So Hee-ya, please take your anger out on Jun Yeol. Hyeri is not some punching bag for you to toy with.

[+1,944] Where is her agency… please block her from the internet…

[+2,055] It’s understandable that Hyeri would feel upset over someone she dated for 8 years moving on so fast before the dust has settled. So Hee is so adamant that there was no overlap, and while that may be true, speaking at this length from only her spective will only come back to poison her.

[+817] The reason Han So Hee is getting hate is not for the transit but because of everything she’s done in dealing with the scandal in the aftermath. 

[+1,021] Her career was only ever meant to make it this far

[+404] “He made me realize that looks aren’t everything” why am I laughing right now

Article: Han So Hee’s outburst at being complimented for “looking like Song Hye Gyo”… “what the f*ck is wrong with you b*tches”

Source: Money Today via Nate

[+655, -29] This is why the elders always say look to their parents when you’re assessing the character of a future marriage partner

[+585, -5] Is being told that you look like Song Hye Gyo so necessary to swear like this over?? I’d imagine Song Hye Gyo would feel sad reading this…

[+495, -12] This is why being brought up by a healthy family is so important… She was able to build up an image of growing up in hardship by being raised by her single grandmother, but reality was probably roughter than that..

[+464, -1] She’s so cheap..

[+307, -14] Jun Yeol-ah, she is not it

[+101, -1] Hul, she said all this in the past and is now on Song Hye Gyo’s Instagram like “unni, you’re mine” and stuff?

[+89, -1] I’ll never understand what could possess someone to even say something like this about someone

[+73, -2] Is that not one of the highest forms of compliment? What is so wrong with being told you look like Song Hye Gyo?