Netizens Called Fans at BLACKPINK’s Seoul Finale Concert “The Most Boring Crowd”

Unlike the enthusiastic atmosphere in other countries, BLACKPINK had to urge the audience in Korea to be more passionate while enjoying the concert

On the evening of September 16th, BLACKPINK had their first performance in the final leg of their concert tour in their hometown, Seoul, South Korea. Here, the YG girls dedicated a complete set of performances that they had previously showcased at the world’s largest music festival, Coachella. Despite initially being considered a smaller and less grand venue, thanks to YG’s investment, fans were still amazed by every BLACKPINK performance.

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However, it seemed that a portion of the audience at the concert wasn’t fully enjoying the night of music, prompting Lisa to ask during the interactive segment: “It seems like BLINKs are quite shy. Are you feeling embarrassed? I wish everyone could dance a bit more. Can you dance, BLINKs?” When the fans responded, she didn’t forget to “remind” them, saying, “I’ll be waiting for that.”

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The video that was shared received various responses from the international fan community. Some comments were quite harsh, referring to the audience at the Seoul concert finale as “the most boring crowd.” Some even suggested that the noisy atmosphere was thanks to the presence of international fans at the concert. Another comment questioned why the audience wasn’t dancing, especially since it was BLACKPINK’s final concert. There were also opinions asserting that BLACKPINK had never had to do this at their other concerts.

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In reality, this isn’t the first time BLACKPINK has had to encourage the audience to dance at their concert. Previously, Jennie also requested fans to put away their phones and dance together, citing the reason that “I see more phones than your faces.”