Netizens criticized after seeing SEVENTEEN’s albums thrown away on the streets of Shibuya, Japan

On April 30, SEVENTEEN’s Korean albums BEST ALBUM ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ were thrown away on the streets of Shibuya, Japan

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Album specifications

The news talking about trash is AKB48’s CDs

1. The truth is that fans are paying for trash

2. This means all of K-pop’s first week album sales are meaningless.. If you look at the records, they’re on par with Adele and Taylor Swift

3. The album is really useless. This culture needs to end

4. I think it is right to impose an environmental tax on idol albums

5. Nowadays, album sales are meaningless. K-pop needs to change now. Is this the age where album sales and digital music can be #1 as long as you have the money?

6. They must be so happy because they sold millions of copies

7. HYBE again?

8. K-pop culture is getting weird

9. That’s why I don’t believe in first week album sales

10. How do singers feel when they see their albums thrown away like that?

11. That’s why they sell millions of copies

12. What’s the point of selling millions of copies when the album is thrown away like this?

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