Netizens criticized and asked ENHYPEN Niki to leave the group after he apologized regarding the March 1st Independence Movement Day on Weverse

Japanese idol ENHYPEN Niki apologizes about March 1st Indepedence Movement Day on Weverse

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“Hello. This is Niki. I apologize for my careless expression regarding the March 1st Indepedence Movement Day, an important day of national commemoration. I have realized my mistake and immediately deleted the said post. I will be more careful in the future.”

1. Is this an apology?

2. Is this written by the company?

3. What a lie, this is why I hate Japanese people

4. This is why I can’t support groups with foreign members

5. I hate it so much, I think fans will hate it too

6. The apology letter made me feel worse

7. Isn’t this the group that talked about Korean history last time?

8. I didn’t know him at all, but thanks to this incident I got to know him.. The apology was not sincere at all

9. If you’re going to work in another country, don’t you need to know the basics about that country?

10. If you don’t know, be careful what you say

11. They always annoy me further by posting apologies that don’t even look like an apology

12. Just leave the group and return to Japan

13. That guy should leave the group

14. He must have been in Korea for a few years but I guess the agency doesn’t provide any training

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