Netizens criticized ILLIT’s skills after watching their encore stage on The Show today

ILLIT’s encore stage on The Show today

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1. The Korean members are average, and the Japanese members can’t sing..

2. ILLIT will be in big trouble without Minju

3. I think the members are fine except for Moka

4. HYBE has ruined the image of K-pop

5. HYBE doesn’t let them practice singing at all

6. I can feel Sakura from Moka

7. The Japanese members are really bad… Did they debut for some reason?

8. Minju is a former YG trainee, right? Only she can sing

9. The Korean girls still do better, but the Japanese members need to practice really hard

10. Minju did well. I think visual members these days have the best skills

11. It’s surprising that Minju can sing well with that face

12. I think it’s better than last week

13. Minju looks good because the rest of the members are so bad

14. Why are HYBE rookies like this…?

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