Netizens disagree after Baby Monster members talked about changing the debut date

Baby Monster “It’s natural to change the debut date… The members’ opinion is that we should wait for Ahyeon”

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Baby Monster

This is the answer of the members of girl group Baby Monster when asked their thoughts on the official debut date being changed

Rami said, “I take it for granted. I think waiting for Ahyeon is right and changing will ease the burden. I think changing the debut date to today is right.”

Ruka then said: “We have been thinking for a long time that our debut date will be when we release an album featuring Ahyeon” and added: “We are grateful to the company for accepting our opinion. I think we will be able to show a more perfect side with the addition of Ahyeon.”

Ahyeon expressed her gratitude, “I’m so grateful that the members and the company care about me. I want to work as a team with the members as soon as possible. I’m so happy to work together.”

Regarding the reason for joining late, Ahyeon said: “It was a bit difficult psychologically and although it is difficult to explain in detail, I felt a lot of pressure.”

1. Oh…so they’ll get the Rookie of the Year Award again?

2. But these girls debuted last time

3. So why did they release Batter Up?

4. No, the debut date can be changed at will?

5. But it would definitely be better if Ahyeon joined the group

6. No, they won the Rookie award

7. Is the debut date a day that members can decide as they please?

8. Also, if there is a member change, will they debut again?

9. Why don’t they return the rookie award?

10. How many times will they debut?

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