Netizens Discuss LE SSERAFIM’s Absence From 2024 University Festivals

4th and 5th generation idols such as aespa, IVE, NewJeans, (G)I-DLE, ITZY, NMIXX, StayC, Kiss Of Life, ILLIT, RIIZE, TWS, ATEEZ, etc. have had a busy month with university festival schedules in May. In addition, solo artists and idols of older generations such as Park Jin-young, Psy, Rain, Taeyang, Zico, Apink, EXID, Hwasa, Kwon Eun-bi, 10cm, Jannabi, MeloMance, Dynamic Duo, etc. were also invited to the festivals.

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In the meantime, LE SSERAFIM, one of the representative girl groups of K-pop’s 4th generation, was nowhere to be found throughout the university festival season in 2024. This is a big contrast to last year when LE SSERAFIM was among the hottest groups for university festival lineups. As other groups from HYBE such as NewJeans and ILLIT still performed, netizens have become more curious about why LE SSERAFIM did not join any festival this year.

le sserafim

Some argued that it was due to the burdensome following the controversy over their live performance at Coachella. In April, LE SSERAFIM faced a backlash for their weak live singing skills at one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Despite the criticism, member Sakura left a message showing her anger, saying “It is true that we already presented the best stage”. In response, netizens expressed disappointment in the girl group, who have been emphasizing the “fearless” concept, as they have shown no improvements in skills for years.

Following the Coachella controversy, HYBE and ADOR’s dispute broke out and LE SSERAFIM continued to be surrounded by speculations, including the pro-Japan controversy. To make matters worse, some people recalled member Hong Eun-chae’s inappropriate remarks and actions for re-examination, affecting the group’s image and reputation negatively.

le sserafim

In this regard, netizens commented, “Not participating in the festivals is better for them”, “Seems like they are waiting for the negative public opinion to cool down”, “University festivals are mostly about live performances. It is understandable why they didn’t perform”, “It would be very embarrassing to stand on the stage at a university festival after their member making a mocking comment toward students of the 12th grade”, “I hope to see the group next year after they resolve all the controversies”, etc.

In response to this issue, HYBE explained to My Daily, “LE SSERAFIM is working hard to prepare for their upcoming album”.