Netizens Divided on ITZY’s Dynamics Amidst Lia’s Hiatus: They Look More Talented as a Quartet? 

Some Korean netizens like how ITZY looks as 4, while others have different opinions 

ITZY, a group that burst onto the K-pop scene with a bang in 2019, has been captivating fans worldwide with their energetic performances and distinctive charm. Each member has played a vital role in shaping the group’s color with their own style, presenting ITZY as a well-rounded team of five.

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itzy lia

Nevertheless, due to Lia’s ongoing hiatus to focus on recovering her health, ITZY is making a comeback as a quartet with the new album “Born to Be”, with Yeji, Ryujin, Yuna, and Chaeryeong. 

The newly released comeback teasers without Lia have sparked heated discussions among Korean netizens as some claim they enjoy ITZY’s dynamic more as a group of 4. On the other hand, some felt Lia’s absence obviously affects the synergy. 

One post on the online community Pann Nate has garnered considerable attention with hundreds of comments. Opinions among Korean netizens are varied. Some say that the absence of Lia and her lively voice, unique vocalcolor lead to ITZY’s lack of vitality. 

On the flip side, some netizens like the four-member arrangement. They point out that as Yeji, Ryujin, Yuna, and Chaeryeong are all great dancers and performers, ITZY’s performances without Lia are now more cohesive and exhibit even better energy.

Comments from Korean netizens:

  • Lia brings the visuals and vocals, but she falls short in dance performance.
  • Lia should’ve left when her school bullying allegations surfaced. ITZY has been losing their hype since then.
  • While Lia’s dancing skills may be lacking, she is still the best singer. You can’t remove her.
  • I’m eager for Lia’s return, but I’m also curious about ITZY’s performance dynamic in this comeback with 4 members
  • They look more talented as 4. It’s surprising that Lia remained in ITZY for five years given her subpar dancing skills.

Source: koreaboo