Netizens don’t recognize Red Velvet Joy in her latest photos on Valentine’s Day

[Photo] Red Velvet Joy, ‘Heart on Valentine’s Day’

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1. I feel like it’s been almost 3 years since I’ve seen a photo of Joy… and I almost didn’t recognize her

2. Her smile in the first photo is so cute

3. She looks like a foreigner

4. I didn’t recognize her in the 1st and 2nd photos, but when I looked at the 3rd photo it was Joy

5. She looks like a different person

6. Why are her eyes like that?

7. What’s wrong with her eyes…?

8. If you look at Joy’s Instagram, it seems like she is Joy

9. I really like Joy, how can someone look so bright?

10. Wow.. she’s seriously so pretty ㅜ

11. Doesn’t she always have double eyelids?

12. Her clothes are so cute, she’s cute too

13. I can see a bit of Lee Min Young and her image seems more elegant~

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